NAPLAN or National Assessment Program- Literacy and Numeracy might sound or seem to be slightly intimidating for students or parents alike. But, a focused preparation with the right resources is the key to nail it right. 

The NAPLAN Practice Tests especially for Year 9 ought to be the biggest helping hand in their journey of success.

What is NAPLAN?

Though known to all, but for those relatively unfamiliar, NAPLAN is  an annual nationwide assessment for all students of Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. This test determines the national educational standards and progress of literacy and numeracy skills of the young Australians. Also, it aims in identifying the areas of concerns in the education approach according to the changing needs of the time.

How are NAPLAN Practice Tests helpful for Year 9?

The NAPLAN Tests previously written on paper are available online as well. This test across the Years 3, 5, 7, and 9 measure a student’s Reading and Writing, Language Conventions and Numeracy skills. 

As the students have to answer various question types throughout the NAPLAN test, the Practice Tests help them with: 

  • understanding the exam format,
  • familiarising with question type,
  • answering  techniques of different question types,
  • time management, and
  • gaining confidence for the real test.

        Why use NAPLAN Practice Tests for Year 9 Preparation?

        NAPLAN Practice Tests for Year 9

        For the NAPLAN Year 9 preparation it is really very important that the students get accustomed to the question paper wording and the format of testing for Year 9. Also taking these NAPLAN Practice Tests for Year 9 ahead of the real exam boosts confidence levels and gives them an extra edge. 

        This, in  most cases, is found to be very helpful in scoring high at the real NAPAN test.

        How to prepare for NAPLAN with Practice Tests for Year 9?

        Whether students or parents there’s always a common anxiety factor working in them. That is how to and how much to prepare for the upcoming NAPLAN test. 

        Honestly, preparing for NAPLAN is not about how much you do it, rather doing it right. Being different from the other tests of skill assessment, this one measures or rather assesses a student’s fundamental abilities- reading, writing, spelling and numeracy. 

        These are core skills which can’t be learnt or memorised, rather they are developed and enhanced with the NAPLAN Practice Tests  through a student’s preparation period.

        Here’s how  NAPLAN Practice Tests in Year 9, help you do better

        • Recognition of test style & type of questions:

        NAPLAN Practice Tests for Year 9 along with past years question papers help the students prepare for their test better. These help them recognise the type of question asked during the real test, hence answering and scoring better becomes much easier. This allows them to tackle each paper with calmed nerves and confidence.

        • Identify knowledge gaps:

        A student might be pretty well prepared to take the NAPLAN test, but not aware of his/her areas of concern. Especially for Year 9 students it is really essential that they have a strong grasp over their core skills- Reading and Writing, Language Conventions and Numeracy. Herein, the Year 9 NAPLAN Practice Tests help the students identify their comparatively weaker sections and work towards improving them.

        • Tame those “real exam day” nerves:

        Well appearing for an exam can be really daunting at any age. Thus to take care of the added tension and pressure of the real exam day, the NAPLAN Practice Test especially for Year 9 is very effective. Being already familiar with the NAPLAN test pattern, question type and confidence in your core skills helps you write the exam better. 

        With the right guidance and NAPLAN Practice Tests for Year 9 any candidate can ace the test in flying colours. Make your child’s preparation process an invaluable learning experience with Selectivetrial.