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Welcome to Selective Trial

Our Trial test will indicate similar feelings to you, like a real test each time you appear. As soon as you complete the test, you can regularly record your actual score and constantly compare your score with the previous test. Your grade list will typically show your every time progress in precise detail throughout your course plan. Progress chart always helps you to properly understand your continuous improvement and confidence level.
Selective Trial Team has undoubtedly contributed a combined effort and done lots of extensive research to provide quality resources and materials that will positively encourage you to achieve an excellent score.
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At Selective Trial, we provide simulated tests for different kinds of competitive exams such as edutest practice tests, scholarship practice tests, oc tests, naplan tests, and more! No matter whichever exam you're trying to appear for, we have comprehensive solutions for all.


LIVE Mock Test Questions

All questions have been set up as per the Current Syllabus.

Unlimited LIVE questions solve

Unlimited attempts of all complete test and review answer unlimited time.

Writing Test evaluation

Writing test with brief feedback from our expert tutors.

Practice Test Questions for revision

Random practice test questions with detailed feedback for unlimited revision.

One to One Personlaised Tutoring

Weekly personalised ONLINE tutoring with experienced Australian Tutors.


Is your child prepared for forthcoming test?

Through our advanced Test platform and technology, it helps to show your child's current performance graph.

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Thinking Skills
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About Us

Many students aspire for Selective School Test, OC Test, NAPLAN, and HAST. Still, very few realize their aspirations because of their lack of practice and proper guidance despite deserving to compete. It has never been easy to get an achiever mark on the Selective School test, OC Test, NAPLAN, and HAST.

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How It Works

1. Once enrol in the course, you can directly go to the login page of the online platform.

2. Select the course directly from the Dashboard of the online platform.

3. Detailed review of the each question after submitting the quiz.

4. Writing test detailed evaluation (Applicable only for the selected package)

5. Expert in all area with the compatible random practice test.

Features & Benefits
As a Student
  • Read the question carefully before selecting the answer.
  • Only one answer will need to be chosen.
  • After submitting the test, you will receive a raw score report, and you can review it with all detailed explanations.
  • Practice and learn in your own way. No time scored given for practice question.
  • Monitor your progress after each test.
  • Build your confidence on your own for the REAL exam.
As a Parent
  • Practice to succeed. Preparation and practice both are the keys to any success of the exam.
  • Monitor your child’s performance each time.
  • Our test gives your child an experience working under time pressure, which will help your child learn time management. 
  • The research that we have performed to create a new question paper will not only relieve students tension but also remove the worrying from the parent‘s mind for the upcoming test.
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