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Many students aspire for Selective School Test, Opportunity Placement Test, NAPLAN, and HAST. Until now, very few achieve their academic aspirations because of their fundamental lack of practice and proper guidance despite deserving to compete. It has never been straightforward to get an achiever mark on the Selective School test promptly, OC Test, NAPLAN, and HAST. One needs to toil hard during adequate preparations and appear for a more significant practice test in this completed phase. If they pursue a practice test-driven and modified correctly to prepare for Selective School Test, OC Test, NAPLAN, and HAST with an edge, they will succeed.

We, a group of academicians, founded with Aim to support thousands of students who genuinely want to turn out well in Selective School test, OC Test, NAPLAN and HAST. The remarkable journey was started long back as an online coaching institute with our well-experienced Teachers themselves scored more than 99% MARKS in ATAR and hold PhD degree in their domains and the students who recently appeared tests under new syllabus and believed in our coherent vision to identify the way to succeed in Selective School test, OC Test, NAPLAN and HAST.

With the continuous support of our Students, Parents, well-wishers, and beloved mentors have become an Online platform that can guarantee success with our relevant question BANK for Selective School Test, OC Test, NAPLAN and HAST.

Our experienced Teachers, Subject Matter Experts and meritorious recently appeared students researched together for Selective School Test, OC Test, NAPLAN, and HAST and noted down all aspects of questions along with Govt sample question papers to prepare the question BANK for Selective School Test, OC Test, HAST and NAPLAN.

Our moral vision is to assist students in achieving their academic objectives by getting into their DREAM SCHOOL through Selective School test, OC Test, HAST and NAPLAN with the help of updated current question BANKS, interactive technology and proper methodology to make learning thoughtful and joyful.

Selective Trial Test

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Thinking Skills

OC Trial Test

  • Reading
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Thinking Skills

HAST Trial Test

  • Reading
  • Written Expression
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning

NAPLAN Trial Test

  • Year 3
  • Year 5
  • Year 7
  • Year 9


New Thinking Skill Questions


Abstract Reasoning Questions


New Mathematics Questions


New Reading Questions

Opportunity Placement Test

The opportunity class placement program represents a two-year curriculum for Year 5 and Year 6 that opens to the academically talented children to learn with other students.
The opportunity classes are held in about 76 government-aided primary schools across NSW (New South Wales). The OC test is organized by the Australian Council of Education and Research (ACER) and held every year in July, where Year 4 students appear to gain a place in the OC classes. The Opportunity Class (OC) Test is quite competitive; henceforth, parents should be aware of preparing their children accordingly.

Selectivetrial (powered by Tutelaage) provides many similar test model questions across multiple online tests. These new format tests are designed to prepare your child for reading, thinking, and mathematical reasoning skills and build up their confidence in attempting challenging questions. These exam-style questions develop an in-depth knowledge of the 2021 Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing format and build the foundational skills of the future selective high school placement test.


Selective School Test

Selective entry high schools are government schools that aim to provide growth and an inspiring environment for students that foster successful academic results. They provide entry based on academic merit, with the best and brightest competing for places in each school through a special entrance examination. The setup was currently updated by the concerned authority and decided to put more stress on writing and reading ability than the previous system and decrease the weight given to school assessment of the student accomplishment; now, Govt is more focusing on the score of the student actual placement test.

Selective High Schools offer an extra challenge for academically gifted children. Students who want to enrol in these schools should go through a highly competitive test held every year in March. A new selective high school placement test has been developed for 2021. The selective test consists of four tests: thinking skills, mathematical reasoning, reading and writing. These tests evaluate student‘s ability across critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
We provide a range of time-bound test model questions and revision questions along with brief remarks that help students to understand their mistakes and prepare them to get a high score in a real test with confidence. These new format tests are designed to prepare your child for reading, thinking, and mathematical reasoning skills and writing and help to enhance their confidence in challenging questions. These exam-style questions build an extensive knowledge of the 2021 Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing format. Also, through One to One online tutoring, we are helping our students‘ concept in detail.


Higher Ability Selection Test

Higher Ability Selection Test (HAST) is a skill test used by secondary schools to classify academically talented students for enhanced learning and enhancement program. The test draws upon ACER‘s extensive experience in high-stakes testing programs for schoolslike the Selective High School Placement Test in New South Wales, the Ignite program in South Australia and the Queensland Academies Student Entrance Test.
The HAST program brings laborious tests in reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning, abstract reasoning, and written expression at all secondary school standards, including first level entry.
HAST testing is available at the junior secondary (Year ), middle secondary (Year 8 and 9) and senior secondary levels(Year 10 and 11).
The candidate‘s current year level decides the choice of test level at the time of the HAST test and not the candidate‘s age.

We provide a range of time-bound test model questions and revision questions along with brief remarks that help students to understand their mistakes and prepare them to get a high score in a real test with confidence. These new format tests are designed to prepare your child for reading comprehension, abstract reasoning, mathematical reasoning skills and writing and help to boost their confidence in challenging questions.
By building in-depth knowledge of the test style, your child will gain self-confidence while advancing fundamental skills.



The National Assessment Program: Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) are a yearly assessment for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 for all schools in Australia. The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) are responsible for planning and developing the Australian National Assessment Program, including NAPLAN.

Based on NAPLAN‘s resultsstudent progress is mapped against a national standard. NAPLAN indicates how students perform compared to other students and schools around the country and what areas they could be improving in.
NAPLAN – Literacy and Numeracy measure their ability in skills that will be crucial for a routine life, such as finding a job, filling out forms, and understanding how to do calculations. Therefore, it covers skills in numeracy, reading, writing, Language convention (spelling, and grammar and punctuation).

With Selectivetrial, every child increase your child‘s chances of achieving top band marks in the NAPLAN test.

At selective trial, we provide exam-style practice tests for primary school and high school students. Our students get a similar feeling of the exam and develop their confidence during their NAPLAN tests by providing them with the understanding and layout of what to expect.

These tests establish an extensive knowledge of the exam format and make the fundamental skills necessary for your child’s respective school year. In addition, we take an extensive approach to advise your child One to One personalized to clear their concept in detail with new study skills.


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