Do you feel anxious about the Victoria Year Selective Test? Do not worry, you are not alone. Each year several students sit for the exam with the expectation to be placed at one of the prestigious selective schools of Victoria.

In this article, we are decoding the Victoria Year 9 Selective Test to give you a fair idea of what it entails.

What is the Victoria Year 9 Selective Test?

A Selective Schools Test is an exam that students sit for to get admission to a selective high school. These are some of the best and most prestigious government schools. In fact, they are some of the most sought-after schools in the industry. Generally, they require a higher standard of academic achievement than other schools.

This test, in Victoria, is used for student selection entry in Year 9. Entry to Years 10-12 is administered by schools directly at the discretion of the principal. There are primarily four selective schools in Victoria.

  •       The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School
  •       Suzanne Cory High School
  •       Melbourne High School
  •       Nossal High School

What is the Exam Format of the Victoria 9 Selective Test?

This year there will be minor changes in the format in comparison to 2022. That is because this year the test will be held by ACER.

Now, let’s take a look at the different components of the exam.

1. Ability Test

These tests measure the ability of your child to solve a problem without having prior knowledge. Ability usually predicts how fast a student can learn and the level of complexity they can handle. There are two ability tests- Numerical and Verbal Reasoning.

2. Numerical Reasoning

It is a multiple-choice test measuring the ability of the student to think and reason with the help of numbers. Items in this test tap into arithmetical reasoning and deduction, matrices, and series.

3. Verbal Reasoning

This too is a multiple-choice test measuring the ability of a student to think and reason using language and words. Items of this test tap into word relationships, vocabulary, classification, and deduction.


Achievement Tests

It is a test, which measures the real performance or achievement in key academic areas. Achievement scores are primarily influenced by the ability of a student and the practice and application of knowledge which the students have learned.

There are three achievement tests and these are mathematics, comprehension, and written expression.

Students complete a written expression test. So, they might be asked to produce one of the text types given below-

  •       Persuasive
  •       Creative

Reading Comprehension

It is a multiple-choice test measuring the capacity of the student to read and interpret the meaning of the given passages. A few questions require the students to correct, punctuate, and complete sentences.

Creative Writing

It is a test that asks students to write an original work in response to written or visual cues. The test measures the ability of the students to convey ideas in written form. It will assess content, punctuation, creativity, construction, spelling and relevance, and paragraphs.


It is a multiple-choice test, which measures year-level mathematical knowledge. Questions include space, algebra, and data.

Persuasive Writing

The test asks the students to respond to a problem that’s relevant to society. For instance, political or environmental issues. This test measures the ability of students to take a stance on the problem and persuade the audience by making a cohesive and logical argument.