The OC Test is a paper-based test, which is offered in 77 NSW schools to the students of Year 4 who want to apply to an academically selective Year 5 OC that is offered by schools that are located across NSW. One of the sections of the test is thinking skills.In this article, you will learn more about thinking skills for the OC test.

What are the Thinking Skills for OC Test?

The OC thinking skills test is for evaluating the critical thinking abilities of students in logical and spatial reasoning. It is held after the two other tests- reading and mathematical reasoning.

Essential Skills You will Need to Crack the OC Test Thinking Skills

Thinking skills can be really tricky since it is not possible to know what’s in store for you. While you might prepare for the other two tests, the thinking skill test is difficult for many people as they don’t have an idea about the format.

Here are some tricks that can help you with the test.

  •       Students should begin studying by attempting different questions under a specific topic. This will help students identify the area that they are least confident about.
  •       Work on your weaknesses. The weaker areas have to be the focus of your practice.
  •       Students should be provided with tools for building structures and encouraged their participation to get involved with themselves. It helps in growing different skills.

Spend some time to think about the question and study it carefully. Consider why an option is correct or incorrect. You can do well in real assessment in case you practise it in the sample reasoning questions. To know more visit our Website.