The OC Mathematical Reasoning Test is a part of the OC Test that is offered in NSW schools
to Year 4 students interested in applying to an academically Selective Year 5 OC Test. In order
to prepare for the test, students should start preparing in Year 3.

However, many students dread the OC Mathematical Reasoning Test. Often, their anxiety gets
the better of them. The
Mathematical Reasoning for OC can be difficult for a few students as
they are unable to create a mental image of how they have to solve the questions. It is important
to think clearly to reason and solve problems.

In case you are appearing for the OC test and worried about the Mathematical Reasoning
component, our guide can help. With these tips, you can crack the Mathematical Reasoning
for Opportunity Class Test.

What does OC Mathematical Skills Test Entail?

The OC Mathematical Skill test assesses the critical thinking ability of an individual to solve
problems from mathematical areas.
You have 40 minutes to solve 35 multiple-choice questions.
The Mathematical Reasoning for OC is conducted right after the OC reading test.

How to Prepare for Mathematical Reasoning Test for OC?

It is important to understand basic mathematical concepts. This is because you have to do
mental calculations because of time constraints. Here are some tips that can help you with it.

1) Tables of Multiplication

Mastering multiplication tables is paramount for excelling in the mathematical test. The clock
is ticking, and having your tables readily available will unleash the power of efficiency.
A firm grasp of multiplication opens the gateway to conquering a multitude of questions
on the test, empowering you with mathematical prowess.

2) Pictorial and Graphical Representation

It is important that you practise the graphs. Do not leave the pictorial and graphs representation
to the last minute since it will be arduous to collect.

Tips to Ace the Test

You need to ensure that you are using the most effective methods you have practised for every
question or you will only end up making careless mistakes.

  •   To finish the test within the allotted time, you should be able to identify the type of question
    and apply the right technique to solve a question efficiently.
  •   Mathematical reasoning is largely reliant on training and practice. It’s simple, you train to improve. 
  •   Multiple-choice questions are used frequently in numerical reasoning. Thus, assessment is important,
    and close enough answers are sufficient.
  •   Make sure that you are practising numerical reasoning under timed conditions regularly. It will help
    you in deciding the best balance of preciseness and speed for the test.

Bottom Line

To put things into perspective, you will have to put in long hours to prepare for the mathematical
reasoning section of the OC test. Practising past papers gives you a fair idea about the format
and the type of questions that might come in the exam. Regardless of whether you want to get
used to series and graphs or perfect simple math’s, there is no other way to go about it.

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