“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” ~Bobby Unser

With the NSW Selective High School Test a few days away, it is high time for the candidates to buckle up their last-minute preparations. It is nearly time for consolidating the hard work of all these months and concentrating on the last minute practice test papers and question banks. 

Some might find this final leg of the long and tedious preparation journey intimidating, but you needn’t worry on that front. Here at Selectivetrial, we have got you all covered with our Last Minute Practice Test 2024. This will help you keep your study momentum and cruise through the NSW Selective Test without any hiccups. 

Last Minute prep suggestion for NSW Selective Test 2024

It’s no hidden secret that preparation and consistency are of key importance in this. So here’s some piece of advice that will help you cruise through during the final stages.

  • Attention to each test section: 

All test sections of the NSW Selective Test might not carry equal weightage, but it is advised that the candidates give equal importance and attention to all the sections- Reading, Mathematical Reasoning, Thinking Skills and Writing, especially during the final stage of the preparation journey. As each section requires a niche skill set, preparing all of them with equal attention will help them do better in the overall NSW Selective Test performance.

  • Revise and work in the areas of weaknesses:

The sections and the type of questions you are least confident in, focus and devote more time in those areas. Rather than just increasing the attempted question count, make sure to revise and practise more the areas which you are prone to make errors. This targeted focus in the concerned areas will help you achieve quality rather than quantity. Hence, maximise the chances of being successful in the NSW Selective Test.

  • Extensive practice under timed conditions:

Time pressure can throw even the best prepared candidates off guard. Thus, practising under timed conditions will help them give their best on the day of the real test. This will also train the candidates to ideate, think and solve within the allotted time for each section of the test.  Moreover the candidates will learn effective time management skills that will help them stay calm and confident under the real pressure on the day of NSW Selective Test.

  • Practice and only practise with the exam-style tests:

During these last days of preparation before the NSW Selective Test on 9th May, 2024 solving those exam style practice tests works wonders for the aspirants. They get familiarised with the pattern and type of questions and gain more confidence by being able to solve under timed conditions. By solving these practice tests they also get used to the exam pressure and perform under those circumstances.

Selectivetrial’s Last Minute Practice Test 2024 for NSW Selective Test can be a parent’s best investment for aiding their child’s last minute preparation. Priced at a minimal amount of $ 49 and availability until 9th May, the candidates gain access to:

  • 24 exam-style practice tests,
  • unlimited attempts &
  • review of all questions with solutions.

For detailed information and subscription details visit Selectivetrial.