NAPLAN is a test for students in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9. The test is for assessing the skills and knowledge of students in reading, language conventions, writing, and numeracy in Australia. This year NAPLAN exam date 2023 NSW has been changed to March from May.


According to the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority, the test is used for measuring a student’s progress over time and to identify areas where students can be struggling.

In 2024, NAPLAN is going to be held between 15th-27th March 2023. It is administered through a computer test. Hence, it is crucial that students have a general familiarity with computer testing systems.

What are the Components of the NAPLAN Exam?

The components of the NAPLAN test 2023 are as follows-

  •  Reading: The reading test assesses the ability of students to interpret and understand written text. It includes questions on vocabulary, comprehension, and inference.
  •   Writing: It is a test that will assess your ability to write in a coherent and clear manner. There will be questions on punctuation, grammar, and spelling.
  •   Numeracy: The test assesses the knowledge and skills of students in mathematics. So, it has questions on algebra and numbers, probability and statistics, and geometry and measurement.
  •  Language Questions: This test is for assessing the knowledge of punctuation, grammar, and spelling of the student. Thus, you will find questions on word choice, sentence structure, and word relationships.

The NAPLAN exam is important for various reasons. It gives an idea about the performance of students in key areas of numeracy and literacy that will help schools and teachers identify areas where students might require additional support. To know more visit our website.