NAPLAN online exam is an annual standardised assessment that is administered by the Australian government to students in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9.

Naplan Online Exam in March 2023 will test your skills in spelling, reading, numeracy, punctuation, writing, and grammar. The test that was held in the second week of May has now been moved to March in 2023. It will be held from 15th March to 27th March.

How does the Naplan Online Exam in March 2023 Work?

Each NAPLAN online test will be held either through a real-time internet connection or without an internet connection. The test will assess the ability and knowledge of students to apply it to solve real-world issues.

Why is NAPLAN a Better Choice for Assessment?

  • Exam Tailored to Each Student: NAPLAN Online can adapt the questions that are offered to students depending on their assumed ability and previous answers. It can be achieved by taking advantage of the technology and using customised algorithms for providing relevant questions to students.
  • Exams are More Relevant and Accurate: By customising exams to the level of every student, teachers can get a more accurate and detailed understanding of how students are progressing and how they are in comparison to other students across Australia.
  • Faster Turnaround for Outcomes: As already mentioned, the test uses a special algorithm that will mark each student at the same time while they are completing it to offer more level-specific and relevant questions. So, the exams will be marked, and outcomes will be distributed to parents, students, and educators much faster than other tests.

 But before you sit for the Naplan Online Exam in March 2023, you can take the practice tests. To know more visit our Website.