Improve Language Convention for NAPLAN Test

NAPLAN enables the government, educational authorities, and schools to determine whether young Australians are meeting the crucial literacy and numeracy goals. Conducting the NAPLAN Test every year provides in-hand data, on the basis of which the following can be derived:

  • Performance index of schools across Australia, 
  • Areas of concern that could use improvement, and 
  • Identifying schools that require additional assistance with literacy and numeracy instruction. 

Undoubtedly, the NAPLAN Test is the best program that Australia has introduced, especially for the language convention. 

What is the Language Convention for NAPLAN Test?

The whole idea behind including language conventions for the NAPLAN Test was to measure a student’s accuracy in the areas of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The duration of this test is 45 minutes where approximately 51 spelling corrections have to be made along with the multiple-choice questions. 

Students usually perform fairly well in the language convention for NAPLAN Test, but again they need to refine their linguistic skills in every aspect. The need to learn and understand the correct fitting of grammar and punctuation is of utmost priority.

5 tips on Language Convention for NAPLAN Test

Beginning to prepare a week before the test might not prove to be a very wise idea. This might drastically impact the NAPLAN Test score of a student. 

Though the NAPLAN Test is regarded as a standardized assessment for students  with various levels of comprehension at several entry years. It is certainly beneficial for aspiring candidates to prepare for the Language Convention by having a good understanding of the test pattern, structure, and question types well in advance. 

Let’s go through the 5 tips to improve language convention for the NAPLAN Test below.

  • Using a good number of study guides and practicing mock tests should be a habit. This not only helps in learning better, but also increases the speed which proves to be extremely beneficial during the test.
  • Do try engaging more in reading activities and make sure you are able to explain them in your own words with your level of understanding.
  • Take regular feedback from your parents and teachers on what you can do to improve your writing skills.
  • Create a proper study schedule. Time everything and grow your confidence before appearing for the actual test.
  • There are times when students underperform due to anxiety. Make sure you cope that well and stay calm before the test. Reading the questions several times and then calmly answering them helps fight anxiety. Don’t rush to finish the test early.  

The language convention in the NAPLAN Test is important in determining how well a student understands the English Language. If you concentrate on what is being taught in class, the tests are uncomplicated but dedicated practice is essential.

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