Selective test

Benefits of Going into Selective High Schools

Selective high schools are mainly for academically gifted students who are meritorious and have high potential. These schools aim to bring together all potential students sharing similar abilities under a single roof and use special course materials and teaching methods for them. To get into selective schools, students must appear

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Interesting Preparation Tips for ACER Test

The ACER test is conducted across Australia to determine academically gifted students for awarding scholarships. This test is highly competitive and requires solid preparation to ace the test. Students appearing for this exam need to demonstrate certain skills such as the ability to understand, infer, deduct, and critically think. Remember:

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Common Mistakes to Avoid in OC Test

Is your kid gearing up for the OC test? Then this blog might be helpful for you. Before starting our discussion on this topic, let us be very frank with you. The opportunity class test is a highly competitive examination designed for students in years 5 and 6. Children who

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Tips and Tricks to Ace the HAST Test

Planning to get admission to a selective high school for years 8 to 11? Then you need to clear the HAST test, which requires sincere and dedicated preparation to pass. It’s an ability test developed by ACER to evaluate students’ academic potential and innate ability. This exam is different from curriculum-based

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How to Comprehend Different Text Types in OC Test?

Are you taking the OC test soon? Then you must be aware of the difficulty level of this examination. Over the last few years, the reading section has become increasingly challenging, with new added stylistic features and text types to test the student’s comprehension skills. Before you begin the preparation, you must

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NAPLAN Year 5 Test Tips for Parents

NAPLAN for the year 5 is a vital exam that analyses the literacy and mathematical skills of students.  The purpose of this exam is to make a comparative analysis of the schools and their overall performances across the nation.  If your daughter or son is aspiring for this exam, you

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