Often, talented students go unnoticed in the general course system of the Australian school system. Does your kid seem to be ahead of their peers? Are you sure that he or she is receiving a challenging education and living up to their full potential?

HAST or Higher Ability Selection Test assesses primary and secondary school students looking to enter a selected learning program. If a student satisfies all qualifications, faculty admits him or her into the High Performing and Gifted Education Program.

Excelling in Higher Ability Selection Test

Ability Selection Test

If you are taking the HAST and want to excel in it. Here are a few tips you have to follow.

1. Get Familiar Test Syllabus and Format

The first step to start preparing for the Higher Ability Selection Test is to understand how much and what you have to study. Begin by going through the detailed syllabus of the exam and mark out the topic you are familiar with, weaker areas, those you find challenging, and crucial concepts that are sure to be there in the question paper.

Don’t forget to take a look at the exam format, sample question paper, and grading system to understand the time limit, different sections, and full marks. It will help in understanding the test structure and customise your preparation accordingly.

2. Create a Detailed Study Plan

A study plan will help in determining how long you have to complete the syllabus. The study plan will be on the map to complete the preparation for HAST, on time with enough time for revision and practice.

Start to break down the syllabus into manageable sections and dedicate enough time to each topic and more for areas that you find challenging. Set monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Reward yourself when you achieve one of them.

3. Practice Sample Papers

Get your hands on the sample papers and analyse them thoroughly to identify the important topics. Solve them when you are done with the theoretical studies for understanding the level of preparation you need. Revise topics, which you got wrong in sample paper and solve them once again. Keep solving sample papers from time to time.

4. Set Your Time

Don’t forget to keep track of track while studying. It is the best way to excel in the Higher Ability Selection Test. As you start to write your paper, you will not realise how time flies. Hence, it is better to set yourself some time while studying each subject or topic. By testing yourself and timing each test can make you faster and better when answering your paper. Make sure that you manage your time efficiently. Studying all the difficult topics during the day and boring ones during the night can help in managing your studies in a proper way. The key to excelling is time management.

Is Doing Well In Higher Ability Selection Tests Enough to Secure a Spot?

Ability Selection Test

Succeeding in the Higher Ability Selection Test is just the initial phase. In many schools, an initial group of academically capable students is selected based on their HAST results, while in some institutions, NAPLAN results are considered. Subsequently, the school’s enrolment committee further refined the selection, typically narrowing it down to approximately 20 students. This selection process takes into account not only academic performance but also extracurricular involvement, such as participation in sports, music, or volunteer activities. To enhance your chances of securing admission, it’s advisable to dedicate your weekends to volunteering at a local library or engaging in sports.

Prior to taking the HAST, the crucial step to bear in mind is consistent practice. Ensure that you or your student becomes thoroughly acquainted with the test materials through dedicated practice sessions. This approach will yield increased confidence and lead to higher test scores.