Selective high schools are mainly for academically gifted students who are meritorious and have high potential. These schools aim to bring together all potential students sharing similar abilities under a single roof and use special course materials and teaching methods for them. To get into selective schools, students must appear for the selective test, and if they pass, they get the chance to study in one of the selective schools.

In simple words, selective schools are government schools that offer a challenging learning environment for academically gifted students to foster successful academic results. Before discussing the benefits of getting an education from selective schools, here are a few things you must remember.

  • Students cannot transfer between selective schools. If they want to, they need to make an application.
  • Candidates can submit applications to three selective schools, and for each of the schools, a new application has to be submitted.
  • The study pattern of the student is taken into account when considering them for a placement.
  • Candidates on the reserve list remain on the reserve list for the specific year they applied for.

Now that we have given you a brief on selective schools let’s understand why it is beneficial to attend these schools.

Advantages of Selective Schools:

If you are considering whether it is a great decision to get into a selective school, then we would say ‘YES’. That’s because these schools provide an enriching learning experience which is good for career growth and flourishment.

  • Competitive learning environment – Selective schools are meant for academically gifted candidates; therefore, these schools provide a competitive learning atmosphere to help candidates achieve strong results. In fact, as per the latest records, students that have attended selective schools are producing excellent results in year 12.
  • Like-minded candidates – As we already discussed in the beginning, the main aim of selective schools is to bring together all academically gifted students under an umbrella. Plus, the students who got the chance to be in these schools have aced the selective tests to get into a selective school. When like-minded individuals come together, it fosters a culture of a collaborative environment where students can work together to achieve the same goal.
  • Low cost of education – One of the main benefits of selective schools is that the fee contributions are less since selective schools are government schools. This means that for candidates who secure a place, the schools represent a substantial amount of ROI.

That was all about the advantages of getting into selective schools. But, from the above discussion, it’s clear that getting into these schools is not an easy affair. Rather, it requires an extensive amount of hard work and preparation. So, how can you get into your dream school? Try our selective entry practice tests. These simulated exams give you an in-depth understanding of the question paper format and also the type of questions you will be asked. These online tests have questions that are similar to that of the actual question paper. Therefore, students can get to understand the topics they need to prepare. The more you practice, the better. With some online test platforms, you also get a Learning Management System (LMS) where you can assess your performance through automated reports. Based on your marks, you can determine which areas require more improvement and accordingly you can go ahead with your preparations. Moreover, these practice tests will also help you learn the art of time management which is crucial for these exams. So, pull up your socks and get ready for the exam!