We all are well aware of the fact that the Selective School Test is a highly competitive entrance test taken by the students seeking entry to NSW Selective Schools for Year 7 entry. These government aided NSW Selective Schools offer state of the art educational infrastructure facilitating an enhanced learning environment. 

An entry to these selective schools is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the gifted students. Thus, being able to secure a spot in one of these NSW Selective Schools is certainly a big achievement. Though the test does not assess the student’s ability to recall and memorise, it is very important that the students are well prepared before they take the real test.

Changing trends of Selective School Test

The Selective School Test over the last couple of years has evolved with the changing trends and time. Since 2021, the cumulative test total has been revised to 120 marks from 300. 

Moreover, in the previous years  a candidate’s final Selective School Test scores consisted of the marks scores in the entrance test and a percent of weightage from the candidate’s school scores. In the recent past this method of score calculation has been replaced with a new one, wherein only the Selective School Test scores are taken in account. 

Thus, it is very important that the parents are well aware of the method of score calculation and the updated cut-off marks for the different Selective Schools.

Preparing for Selective School Test

Preparation ensures that the students are comfortable, confident and familiar with the test format. With a well planned preparation plan the students are well aware of the things like- types of questions, answering techniques, time allotted for each test. Practice tests help students enhance their existing skills and answer quickly with the allotted time for each test.  

Selectivetrial is Australia’s one of the leading learning platforms who provide the best selective school test practice plan for the aspiring applicants. Their practice tests provide challenging questions in line with the ones to be asked on the real test day. 

The recently enhanced feature of the Selective Score Calculator is a remarkable addition to the Selectivetrial website. The unique Selective Score Calculator feature gives the students a real time idea of their latest progress. With the help of this Score Calculator the candidates can have a fair overview of their scores calculated as per the latest updates. Hence, it can prove to be a great anchor in making the students work harder in their specific areas of concern.

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