ACER test is a scholarship exam designed to check an individual’s skills across several areas. It is a psychometric assessment that measures a student’s ability to identify patterns, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Since the exam is highly competitive and needs solid preparation, students often wonder if they can actually crack the exam. For many students, the biggest problem is exam anxiety and nervousness. Therefore, it is extremely important to know about the exam, the type of questions being asked, and the topics you have to cover.

The ACER tests are mainly used for comparing results, and the scores are marked against criteria, and then the points are used for creating a rank which helps in understanding your performance against other candidates.

How hard is the ACER test?

ACER tests are scholarship tests that check a student’s skills. Therefore, it is designed to be challenging because it will test your capability in various subject areas. The exam has three sections: written expression, humanities, and mathematics. All three sections have to be answered within a certain time limit, which makes it more overwhelming for students to answer all the sections correctly. This is where candidates can lose confidence and might go wrong. Moreover, there have been instances where students couldn’t complete the paper on time. The exam is hard, but a lack of confidence and practice makes it harder.

This is the reason why academic experts recommend students to begin with the preparations in advance. Keeping that in mind, we will share with you some of the best tips for improving your confidence and increasing your marks.

  • Prepare well – One of the best ways to crack the ACER test is to devote much of your time to preparations. Practice makes a man perfect, and the same applies to scholarship exams as well. Try out ACER practice tests that are available online. Getting used to answering questions within strict time limits boosts your confidence. Every section of the ACER test must be answered within time. So, you must try to practice under simulated conditions to get a real vibe of the exam.
  • Identify your weakness – Find out which topic or section you find hard to solve. Is it mathematics or reading comprehension? Once you identify your weaknesses, it becomes easy to prepare for them. Thus, you can devote more time to your weak areas to improve your scores.
  • Know about the test – This is obvious and an important one! Know about the exam, the question paper format, the type of questions being asked, etc. Once you get a good idea of the question paper and the topics you need to focus on, it becomes quite easy to prepare. The type of preparation materials you use also says a lot about how well you have practiced.

Hopefully, by following these tips and by practicing online tests, you’ll be able to successfully answer all the questions. We offer highly-refined skills-based tests to help you score well in your exams. All the question papers are as per the latest syllabus and they have been designed to give you similar feelings like a real test. On completion of the test, you can record the scores and compare it with the previous tests. It’s a great platform to kickstart your preparations for the ACER test.