HAST is a selection test that schools use to decide academic performances at the top end of achievements. Different selection tests are used by different schools for different purposes. Selective Government Schools and independent schools in Australia use the HAST test.

But the days leading up to the test can be very stressful. Each kid aims to perform well. While it is important to complete the curriculum, it is also important to make the most of the time they have at hand.

As a parent, you can do a lot more than you can imagine in helping your child when it comes to preparing your child for the HAST Primary Test.  Let’s take a quick look at them.

  1. Teach Them Time Management

Time management is one of the primary problems that students face at the time of their exams. Students have to juggle things, starting from homework, exams, and school, to extra-curricular activities. Thus, playing without a planned structure will only make things chaotic. Hence, it is important to make sure that they have a proper timetable. This will help them manage things properly.

  1.     Practising Sample Papers

Practising sample papers is one of the best ways to prepare for HAST exams. Not only does it familiarise your kind with the format of the test but can also help them manage their time better in the real exam. Apart from these, practice tests can help in improving your kid’s skills.

  1.     Help Create Study Goals

It is necessary to have a study goal in mind for every study session. It helps in tracking what has to be studied and what has to be revised.

Sit down with your child to prepare their study goals at the start of every session. You can also create it at the end of each study session.

  1.     Help Them Understand the Learning Style

No two students are the same. So, their learning styles are also going to differ. As a parent, you need to understand the learning style that is suitable for your child. For instance, if you feel that your child prefers music, you can use an auditory learner. Also, you can encourage your child to record the notes and listen to them on the go.

But if your child prefers visuals, you can introduce them to visual learning sessions.

  1.     Help Them Develop Logical Thinking Skills

You should help your kid develop critical thinking skills. It will enable them to use their logical skills to evaluate given information and decide for themselves. Thus, they can analyse the test questions better and answer them better. The academic setting demands more critical thinking than everyday life.

Bottom Line

With the tips given above, you can help out your kid to do the best in the HAST exam preparation. Nevertheless, you should also keep in mind that every student is different. So, while some things might work, others will not. It is better to explore the options to decide which is best for your kid.