HAST is the ability test that is used by secondary schools for identifying academically gifted students. It is a test that draws upon the extensive experience of ACER in high-stakes testing programs for schools in Australia.

The scholarship test has been designed to measure academic potential and innate ability, unlike curriculum-based tests that identify what the students have already learned.

If you want to crack the HAST scholarship test, here are a few tips that you can follow:-

  • Know the Syllabus
    Know the syllabus beforehand as it is the key to your success. So, check the syllabus well in advance. You should know the topics in detail to start preparing as soon as you can. To crack the exam, you have to perform better than others and deliver the best.
  • Concentrate on Weaker Areas
    Make sure that you focus on the weaker areas. It is a must if you want to crack a scholarship exam. Often, students can find studying to be overwhelming. So, students should focus on identifying their weaker areas and then work on them. For instance, if you don’t perform well in mathematics, you should focus on that subject.
  • Manage Your Time
    Students appearing for the HAST Scholarship test should know how to manage time and should be able to do it effectively. Thus, you need to learn time management skills and inculcate them into their schedule. Maintaining a schedule and then following it becomes important if you want to crack the exam.

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