If your exams have been coming up, it might be time to do some studying. The Selective Test past papers might be sitting in a dusty corner and you might be ignoring them because they sound boring. 

Be that as it may, there are reasons to open the past papers and practice them. But how to practice Selective Test past papers. Here’s how. 

1) Attempt Them Under Full Exam Conditions

The first thing you should do is to attempt the past paper. Nevertheless, you should do this under complete exam conditions. 

This is how you can replicate them in your house-

  • Put your phone on silent or somewhere it will not distract you.
  • Set a timer and adhere to it. 
  • Print out the paper if you can. 
  • Resist your urge to check Google and get rid of the notes. 
  • Turn off the music and remove the snacks.

    2) Create Realistic Time Pressure

Next, you have to time yourself. If you attempt the past papers under exam conditions implies you are taking the exam with everything that is in your head at that time. It is great to find out how much you really know instead of thinking that you know it all and realizing you don’t on the day of the exam. 

3) Do the Same Past Papers Keeping Your Notes Handy

So, you have attempted your first test paper, and you have had a break to let the brain recover. Now indulge in an easier task. Attempt the same paper but it is time to keep your notes close by. You can use a different colored pen to know what you have added. Doing the paper yet again with notes lets you practice applying your knowledge in various situations. 

4) Use the Assessment Schedule for Marking Your Work

Once you have gone through the past paper, use the assessment schedule for marking your work. It might seem boring but it is the most crucial aspect of studying Past Papers. When you are marking your own work, look for an exam from their perspective. So, you can write better answers.