How To Prepare For ACER Scholarship Test For Year 5 or 6 Entries Into Schools

The ACER Scholarship Test is certainly one of the most prestigious tests conducted in Australia to recognize students with academic abilities. Here, the students are required to demonstrate their cognitive, critical thinking , and deductive reasoning skills in order to be considered eligible for the scholarship.

The ACER Scholarship Test Primary Level Test Structure

The test is categorized into primary and secondary level tests. With the primary level tests aspiring students can get entry to Year 4, 5 and 6. The scholarship test for entry to years 5 and 6 is divided into 3 tests, namely:

  • Test 1 [Reading and Viewing, MCQ, duration: 30mins]
  • Test 2 [Mathematics, MCQ, duration: 30mins]
  • Test 3 [Writing, Extended Response, duration: 40mins]

    Preparation Tips for Year 5 and 6 entries:

    Here’s some preparation tips that will certainly help the students to ace the test in flying colors.

  • Collect required information
    It is utmost essential to be informed of all the necessary details before starting with the preparation of the ACER scholarship test. Whether you are preparing for entry to Year 5 or 6 be sure to be well informed about the test structure, pattern, skills to be tested and most importantly duration.
  • Practice Until You Attain Perfection
    “Practice makes a man perfect.” Those seeking entries to Year 5 and 6 are advised by senior and experienced members of faculty to practice, especially focussing in the areas of weakness. Students should be encouraged to practice mock questions and take practice tests in the scholarship test pattern.
  • Make Revisions Interesting With New Perspectives
    Doing the same things over and over again can get boring. The revision sets can be made more interesting adding some fun spins to them like- practicing passages from their favorite novel or story, solving puzzles that aid abstract reasoning.
  • Think, Don’t Panic
    If you are struggling to answer something or are stuck on a particular question, stop panicking. It will confuse you further, think clearly, maybe from a different angle, read multiple times. This will surely help in eliminating the wrong answers and making a smart guess.
  • Smart Time Management is Essential
    Stick to the given time duration. Don’t get stuck on one tricky question, you can always come back to that once you have answered all the remaining questions.If you follow the above mentioned preparation tips along with online practice tests, and study material from Selective Trial you’ll surely make it through and secure your entry. Selective Trial’s ACER Scholarship Test course is among one of the best preparation assistants in the country.

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