ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) Scholarship Tests, is one of the most renowned and reputed tests across the country. Without any doubt, if you are willing to ace this scholarship test, one needs to be extremely focused and diligent. The ACER test gives the opportunity to their candidates to prove an array of skills they cover that includes critical thinking, judgment, interpretation and other such cognitive skills. 

Important things you must know about: Humanities – Comprehension and Interpretation for ACER Test

This is basically a Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) test with a duration of 40 minutes with 40-45 questions and four options for each. The Humanities section of the ACER test mainly deals with comprehension and interpretation skills of the appearing students. Rather, the test is quite interesting to solve. The students get to answer questions relating with the visual and written materials. All these are associated with the subject areas of Art, English, Geography, History and Social Studies. Candidates are expected to judge and show comprehension and interpretation in the ACER Test on a variety of texts, diagrams, maps, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama.

Tips to prepare

Here’s a list of few preparation tips for Humanities- Comprehension and Interpretation, ACER  Scholarship Test-

  • Well, certainly the best way to qualify this is honing the basic literary skills with dedicated consistent practice since the primary level entry years.
  • These kinds of tests might be slightly tricky. Thus, spending a good amount of time for the exam is viable. Regular practice with dedicated mock tests and practice sets improves comprehension and interpretation skills remarkably.
  • Also revisions are a must so that you don’t get detached from the subject areas to be tested. This further ensures less or nearly no silly mistakes, because we all know that “practice makes a man perfect”.
  • Time is the most significant factor and timing yourself is the biggest way to conquer fears and ace the ACER scholarship tests. Thus, practicing with Selectivetrial’s practice sets and mock tests gives the candidates a better time management and edge on comprehension and interpretational skills for the ACER test.
  • Group studies help a lot in improving a candidate’s comprehension and interpretation skills for ACER Test. Discussing with your peers and teachers enhances understanding and critical analytical skills. 


Following the above mentioned tips/insights will certainly improve your ACER scores. Selectivetrial’s ACER practice sets and online materials really do help candidates to work on their comprehension and interpretation for ACER Test. Once you try out their mock tests several times, you will get used to the pattern and with every try your speed and accuracy will attain perfection.
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