The Opportunity Class Test is a very important and crucial test for the Year 4 students of New South Wales  (NSW), Australia. It is an entry test to the Opportunity Classes – an exclusive 2-year program (Year 5 and Year 6) for the academically gifted students. It provides an accelerated learning environment in the 78 selected government schools across NSW.  

The Opportunity Class Test is a paper based MCQ test, divided into 3 parts, but conducted in a single day. 

Opportunity Class Test Structure

  • Reading (30 minutes)- 25 Questions
  • Mathematical Reasoning (40 minutes)- 35 Questions
  • Thinking Skills (30 minutes)- 30 Questions

The test is aimed at challenging the candidates’ critical cognition and analytical abilities. It is held in the order as mentioned above with short breaks in between. The questions asked for each category will be of a higher difficulty level than school.

Dedicated preparation is the key to ace the Opportunity Class Test. It is always suggested that aspiring candidates start their preparation at least a year ahead. 

Preparation tips for Opportunity Class Test

Here’s a few preparation tips for the Opportunity Class Test of 2023 :

  • Get into the habit of voracious reading that will improve your understanding, comprehension and summarizing skills.
  • For top scores in the Reading section, always practice identifying the text types. This will help you understand and comprehend the given passage better.
  • Whenever practicing for mathematical reasoning, always identify the question topic. This will help you collect your thoughts together and answer confidently.
  • Do practice keeping a tract of your mathematical calculations, this will prevent minor calculation errors.
  • Be thorough with sample papers released by the Department of Education, as that will familiarize the students with the pattern of questions to be asked in the real Opportunity Class Test.
  • Strengthen the basic fundamentals – reading, comprehending, thinking and numerical skills.
  • Practicing mock tests is a must, because with this you can assess your preparation and work on the areas that need some extra practice.

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