The preparation of any test can be a little stressful for the aspiring candidates and the parents as well. Often it is seen that due to a lack of exact know-how or proper preparation even deserving candidates fail to leave their mark during the course of the test.

Whether it is the Selective High School Test or the Opportunity Classes placement test, all of these need a well structured and organised course of preparation. Hence, in the preparation journey of Selective School Test the Selective Test past papers play a key role. 

But before understanding why the past papers are of such importance, one should have an insight of what actually Selective Test is.

What is the Selective Test?

The Selective Test is essentially an entry test for Year 7 to the Selective High Schools in NSW. This test is designed to assess the applicant’s academic capacities, thinking, reasoning and analytical abilities. Qualifying the Selective Test the candidates get a chance to attend the Selective High School in NSW. These schools are government high schools which run this specially designed stimulating learning programme for academically gifted learners from Year 7 to Year 12. 

On attaining the minimum prerequisites a student gains entry to either of 22 fully Selective Schools or  24 partially Selective Schools in NSW.

Understanding the Selective Test

The first step of preparation for the Selective Test is having a complete know-how about the structure, format, question type and pattern of the test. The test is taken across several sections, and the test structure is as follows:


Reading4030Multiple choice25%
Mathematical Reasoning4035Multiple choice25%
Thinking Skills4040Multiple choice35%
Writing301Open response15%


This year’s Selective School test for Year 7 entry will be conducted on 9th May, 2024.

Understanding the importance of Selective Test past papers 

Selective test

Well, being one of the most fiercely competitive exams of Australia, the preparation for this is extremely essential. Only with an expert’s guidance can the student’s can keep themselves ahead in the race. But in the preparation journey the Selective Test past papers play a very crucial role. 

So here’s how the Selective Test past papers play a major role during the preparation.

  • The Selective Test past papers give the students a first hand idea of what they can actually expect on the day of the real test. This certainly is a very big advantage for the students, as they are well aware of the flow of questions and the pattern. 
  • Practising with past Selective Test papers allow the candidates to effectively manage their time. It actually teaches them an idea of how they can answer all questions across all sections without any time wastage. Moreover, being able to manage their time well gives them a boost of confidence  as well. 
  • The Selective Test assesses a candidate’s ability across several parameters. So with the available Selective Test past papers the students can judge their thinking, reasoning, analytical, writing and reading abilities. Thereby accordingly personalise their preparation plan. 
  • Also like the practice test papers these Selective past papers are a very good and trusted material for ‘test-like’ practice for the students. As we all know practice and only practice is the key to ace the Selective Test. 
  • Last but certainly not the least the Selective Test past papers come with solved answer sheets. These answer sheets of the previous years papers give the students an idea of how to answer the questions asked during the test. Especially for the open response type writing section, the students can have a fair idea of how to train themselves for the real test.

Make your child’s preparation journey smoother with Selective Test past papers and Selectivetrial.