What is the OC Test?

The Opportunity Class Test also called the OC Test, is taken by Year 4 students to secure a place in Opportunity Classes in NSW government primary schools for academically gifted students.

The Opportunity Classes are an excellent experience for students and offer a way-ahead preparation for the Selective School Placement Test. It is a 2 year program beginning in Year 5 and completing at the end of Year 6. There are around 77 schools across NSW that provide Opportunity Classes and their primary goal is to offer the best learners an enlightening and creative learning environment. Having been developed to support high achievers these classes hone their cognitive and critical analytical skills.

Opportunity Test Structure

The Opportunity Test duration is 1 hour 40 minutes and comprises three components: Reading, Mathematical Reasoning & Thinking Skills. It is a Multiple Choice Question Test, completed in one day.

  • Reading – 25 items – 30 minutes
  • Mathematical Reasoning – 35 items – 40 minutes
  • Thinking Skills – 30 items – 30 minutes

How are OC test samples helpful?

In order to ace the OC Test only key is dedicated practice of OC test samples. Regular practice of OC test samples makes the candidates familiar with the test structure, the question topics, and the style of the questions. It helps the appearing students gain spontaneity and ability to answer within the limited timeframe. Not to mention practicing with OC test samples sharpens the memory and increases the speed as well. If students are aware of the kinds of questions they can encounter, they will feel more at ease during the testing process.

It is also to be kept in mind that the performance of a student on their Opportunity Class Placement Test is not determined by the results of OC test samples.

Furthermore, considering how competitive this test is, parents should focus on preparing their kids early with the help of OC test samples. Seletivetrial’s OC test samples undoubtedly improve your child’s confidence, help them gain a solid grasp of fundamental concepts, and provide them with the necessary preparation.

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