Are you in two minds about applying for the Opportunity Class Test? Or, panicked about your child appearing for Opportunity Class Test in 2024?

Well, you surely need not worry any further. Here’s all you need to know about the Opportunity Class Test conducted every year in New South Wales by the government.

What is Opportunity Class Test or Opportunity Placement Test?

The Opportunity Class Test or Opportunity Placement Test is a paper based exam for Year 4 students for the two year (Year 5 and 6) academically selective classes. It is popularly known as Opportunity Class or OC. 

It is an exclusive two-year academic program for the gifted learners with high potential. The appearing candidates are meant to secure a place among the 77 listed government primary schools in NSW.

Things to know before appearing for the Opportunity Class Test 2024

  • This test is for Year 4 students for securing a place in the Opportunity Classes which is a specially designed two year academic curriculum for Year 5 and 6.

  • It is a written test with multiple choice based questions. The test duration is 1 hour and 40 minutes, divided in several sections and is completed in a day.

  •  The selection process will solely be  based on the performance of the Opportunity Placement Test.

  • The Opportunity Class Test 2024 for Year 5 entry in 2024 will be held on 1st August, 2024.

  • Lastly, the test begins at 9am sharp, so parents must ensure to reach the examination a little early. This will help in avoiding the last minute rush before entering the examination hall.

Opportunity Class Test 2024 Structure & Format

Opportunity Class Test 2024 Structure & Format

The OC test will have a total of 90 multiple choice questions inclusive of all the sections. The test duration is 1 hour and 40 minutes, this excludes the short intervals between the different segments.

The OC test segments are as follows:

  • Reading Skills25 questions (30 minutes)

In this segment of the test a student’s ability to read comprehend and critically analyse the related questions are tested. 

  • Mathematical Reasoning  → 35 questions (40 minutes)

Here, the students’ problem solving ability and critical thinking is evaluated from a varied range of mathematical problems.

  • Thinking Skills  → 30 questions (30 minutes) 

Lastly, this section evaluates the candidate’s critical thinking capacities through logical and spatial reasoning questions.

Preparation for the Opportunity Class Test 2024

For the aspiring OC candidates it is suggested that the preparation should start while they are in Year 3. This will allow them to prepare adequately and give them approximately 12 to 18 months of prepping up time.

With a little over six months time in hand the aspirants for Opportunity Class Test 2024 can keep the mentioned below in mind.

  • A solid understanding of the format, content and structure of the OC test. Better understanding will speed up the students ability to answer the questions on the day of the real test. Moreover, pacing up at one question per minute will make them attempt all questions during the test.

  • Work hard to develop a good and fortified foundation in English Language and Mathematics. Students with a good grasp of the language and mathematical problem solving ability generally cruise through the Reading Skills and Mathematical Reasoning test  very easily.

  • Ensure not to indulge in rote-learning and memorising. This is an absolute no for the OC test preparation. As this test is designed to test the basic foundational  and critical analytical skills of the gifted young learners. Thus, working on the basic pillars of learning and guided preparation is the key to success.

  • Familiarise with question patterns with previous year questions and timed practice tests. Taking practice or mock tests will identify the areas of concern for each child. Also, it will ensure completion of all questions within the allocated time and be a great confidence booster.

The preparation for a competitive test like this at such a young age can surely get tough and overwhelming. But as they say, a guided and well mentored test preparation is the key to success. 

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