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Course Access: Access is Valid till OC Test 2024

51 Total Sets (We are excited to introduce 3 new sets to the PRO and PREMIUM packages exclusively in May 2024.) + Unlimited Attempts + Detailed Answer


17 full sets of New OC Mathematical Reasoning Question Papers – Time Scored.

17 full sets of New OC Reading Question Papers – Time Scored.

17 full sets of New OC Thinking Skills Question Papers – Time Scored.

Thinking Skills each set has 30 questions, and the student needs to complete them within 30 minutes.

Mathematical Reasoning each set has 35 questions, and the student needs to complete them within 40 minutes.

Reading each set has 25 questions, and the student needs to complete them within 30 minutes.

Unlimited Attempts

Access to review all questions with a solution

Notes- All practice questions are followed as per Cambridge Assessment Testing.

 Full Set of New Format Papers:

The full set of question papers includes all types of questions similar to the real-time exam questions. Selective Trials follow the same current format of new OC formats. Our highly qualified group of subject experts of High scoring ATAR tutors and selective school passed-out tutors who passionately did their level best to create the many papers here at Selective Trials. All tests are time managed, and each student will get the same feeling as the real Australian tests. After finishing each test, the student can go back to review and revise all questions with feedback and thorough explanations. Students can investigate the work solutions for all the questions in detail, where steps are maintained on how to solve the question and the quicker reasoning behind it.

 Practice Question Papers:

We recommend every student start with revision questions first, then slowly go to Time scored Question BANK.

As per NSW and Australian Curriculum, we published our question BANK for OC as per the new style and format.

Our revision question BANK has covered all the chapters and maintained them accordingly. If your child does wrong on any particular question, you can practice similar questions again.

Online One-to-One Personalised Tutoring:

We are ecstatic to announce that, along with the trial question, we are providing one-to-one personalised tutoring where we will mainly clear the concept where students struggle on a topic in the test. This online classroom is fully equipped with an advanced whiteboard, audio-video and screen-sharing capabilities.


Without feedback, it is impossible to get the same question right without any help. Feedback is crucial when building up your child’s stamina in getting the same type of question right the next time. Also, find out the reason why your child got the question wrong in the first place; and fix them to grant them entry into their dream school, and the final result from the Exam will be a function of your child’s capabilities. Parents will be able to view the student’s performance relative to their peers and see the performance per question type and topic.


Practice to succeed…

OC 2024 Test – 1st August

What is OC

The opportunity class placement program represents a two-year curriculum for Year 5 and Year 6 that opens to the academically talented children to learn with other students.
The opportunity classes are held in about 76 government-aided primary schools across NSW (New South Wales). The OC test is organized by the Australian Council of Education and Research (ACER) and held every year in July, where Year 4 students appear to gain a place in the OC classes. The Opportunity Class (OC) Test is quite competitive; henceforth, parents should be aware of preparing their children accordingly.

Selectivetrial (powered by Tutelaage) provides many similar test model questions across multiple online tests. These new format tests are designed to prepare your child for reading, thinking, and mathematical reasoning skills and build up their confidence in attempting challenging questions. These exam-style questions develop an in-depth knowledge of the 2021 Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing format and build the foundational skills of the future selective high school placement test.

  1. Shi

    A big shout out to Selectivetrial for helping my daughter score perfect in OC tests last year. Excellent question bank with varying levels of difficulty to hone my child’s skills. Moreover, these practice tests helped my child to learn through her mistakes and made it possible to achieve marks that she already did.

  2. Taanvi

    The practice tests gave my child a huge insight into the question format and the type of questions being asked. The best thing is that she could attempt the questions as many times as she wanted till she achieved the desired scores. I have referred to my other friends as well. 🙂

  3. graliontorile

    Your platform is valuable to me. Thanks!…

  4. Willow

    Questions are pretty hard to crack but thanks to the detailed solutions made it easy for me to understand the questions. The best thing is that they allow random practice rest questions for review and that helped me a lot in building my confidence.

  5. Evelyn

    Selectivetrial helped my child prepare for the OC exams and also helped her learn the art of time management which is by far the best! By giving the practice tests, she improved a lot and learned the shortcuts to the questions. Thank you Selectivetrial!

  6. Rachel Zhou

    I couldn’t be happier with the results my child achieved thanks to Selectivetrial’s Live Practice Test Question program.

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  1. Lucas

    Highly recommend the subscription for Year 8 selective entry. My child’s performance improved a lot.

    HAST - Junior Secondary - Entry for Year 8HAST – Junior Secondary – Entry for Year 8

  2. Sophie

    The support team was excellent. They responded quickly and effectively to our questions

    HAST Premium - Year 7 EntryHAST Premium – Year 7 Entry

  3. Alexander

    This tool is superb! It keeps my child engaged and motivated to study.

    HAST Premium - Year 7 EntryHAST Premium – Year 7 Entry

  4. William

    Highly engaging! Kept me focused throughout my study sessions.

    HAST Premium - Primary (HAST -P)HAST Premium – Primary (HAST -P)

  5. Emily

    My daughter found the HAST 4 Marked Writing test for Year 7 to be an engaging and challenging experience. It helped her improve her writing skills and gave her confidence in her abilities. The feedback provided was very insightful and has been a great help in her academic growth.

    HAST 4 Marked Writing - Year 7HAST 4 Marked Writing – Year 7

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