In the Australian parent community, it is a widely acknowledged fact that securing a place in the NSW Opportunity Classes ensures admission in a prestigious university in the long run. But securing a place in these classes isn’t an easy ball game. The Opportunity Class Placement Test is a ruthlessly competitive entrance test, wherein a multitude of aspiring students sit for the limited spots available. As parents our sole responsibility lies in helping our children by all means to secure a place in the elite NSW Opportunity Classes.

In order to do that, one must be very well versed and aware with all details of the NSW Opportunity Classes. So here’s a detailed breakdown of the NSW Opportunity Classes. 

What are the NSW Opportunity Classes?

The NSW Opportunity Classes or the OC classes are a specially designed 2-year academic program for Year 5 & Year 6, catering the high-achieving learners. This accelerated learning program meets the demanding needs of the high-performing students with its exceptionally conceptualised and tailored curriculum, resources and methods.
To secure entry in these classes one has to sit for the OC Placement Test conducted each year by the government. 

Latest changes in NSW Opportunity Classes

Keeping mind the overwhelming popularity and demand of the OC classes, the government has  increased the intake with effect from Term 1 Year 5, 2025 entry.
Earlier 77 selected government primary schools ran these classes. Now with the recent change 86 government schools with 1840 places will conduct the NSW Opportunity Classes.

NSW Opportunity Class Test Format & Structure

Being a specially designed and highly competitive test, the Year 4 students are tested to display a range of  specific skills mostly relying on a strong foundational academic base. The total test duration is around 1 hour and 40 minutes with short breaks in between the different sections. A total of 90 questions are to be answered by the candidate, and the areas tested are- Reading, Mathematical Reasoning, and Thinking Skills. 

The a break-up of the test structure is as follows:

SectionMinutesNo. of QuestionsType
Reading3025Multiple choice
Mathematical Reasoning4035Multiple choice
Thinking Skills3030Multiple choice

Further details of the OC test sections are as follows:

  • Reading Skills→ The student’s ability to read, comprehend and critically analyse the related questions put to test in this section.
  • Mathematical Reasoning→ A student’s independent problem solving abilities and critical thinking is assessed from the mathematical problems given in the test.
  • Thinking Skills→ In this section the candidate’s cognitive capacities are put to test through the various types of spatial and logical reasoning questions.

Important Dates for the NSW Opportunity Class Test 2024 for Year 5 2025 entry

The key dates for the OC Exam 2024 are as follows:  

    • Application submissions ongoing since 4th April 2024, Thursday
    • Applications submissions close on 20th May 2024, Monday
    • NSW Opportunity Class Test 2024 to be conducted on 1st August 2024, Thursday

Only a last couple of days left to complete your OC Test 2024 application submissions, do make sure to submit and finish off the application process without any further delay.

Preparing for NSW Opportunity Class Test 2024

Preparing for NSW Opportunity Class Test 2024

To secure a place in the NSW Opportunity Classes by clearing the immensely competitive entrance test is for sure a big deal for the students and their parents. The only thing that guarantees a much coveted spot is a focussed and thorough preparation.  

Here’s a few thing to keep in mind as the students proceed towards the last couple of months of preparation for the NSW Opportunity Class Test 2024,

  • Concentrate on the elementary basics which will develop a strong foundational knowledge and help in healthy competition
  • Cultivate reading habits to develop a strong vocabulary, which eventually enhances the problem solving efficiency during the test
  • Preparation should include systematic techniques and effective strategies to have a good grasp of the curriculum
  • Identify areas of weaknesses and work on those areas multiple times also consider taking some expert guidance if needed
  • Indulge in effective and ample practice sessions through sample papers, questions and timed practice tests

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