Victorian Selective Entry High School ensures that your child has the opportunity to get the best education at one of the four schools primarily designed for students who are academically talented. These are government schools and have a hands-on unique approach and shared purpose when it comes to nurturing the excellence of students in young adults from Years 9-12.

The purpose of Victoria Selective Entry High Schools is to provide a level playing field for high-ability and academically talented students across Victoria, regardless of their economic background. By removing financial barriers and offering affordable education, these government state schools aim to help talented students from all walks of life achieve academic excellence.

The schools emphasis academic excellence to make sure that students fight the right path beyond high school. Thus, almost all students of these schools take up university entrance. The schools focus on progressive values in regard to race, gender, and ethnicity.

How to Apply for Victoria Selective Entry High Schools?

The application to sit for the entrance examination for Year 9 in a Selective Entry High School 2024 opened on 2nd March 2023. The last date for application submission is 2nd June 2023.

In order to submit the application for the exam, you will have to visit here and then follow the link to the exam’s application portal. The examination will be held on 15th July 2023.

Who is Eligible for Victoria Selective High School Test?

In order to be eligible for the test and attend a Selective Entry High School, a student should be in their second year of secondary school or its equivalent. Also, they should not have previously appeared for the Year 9 entry exam.

A student appearing for the entrance should be a citizen of Australia or a New Zealand citizen who is now a resident of Australia. Students attending both government and non-government schools can apply. In fact, home-schooled students are also eligible for entrance.

What are the Benefits of Taking the Admission in Victorian Selective High School Test?

These government schools offer an academic environment and emphasis helping students achieve better results. Here are some of the advantages of taking admission to these result-oriented and competitive schools.

  •       One of the primary advantages of these schools is that they highly focus on academics. This means that students will be surrounded by equally ambitious, bright, and like-minded students.
  •       The school looks to simulate an adult learning environment. It does so by encouraging self-directed learning in students and preparing them for tertiary studies.
  •       Another clear advantage of Victoria Selective Entry High School is the cost. Since it is a government school, these schools charge voluntary contributions instead of tuition fees. Hence, students can expect a high return on investment considering their consistently strong academic performance.
Bottom Line

When students take admission in Victoria Selective Entry High Schools, parents can rest assured that their child will receive a well-balanced education. They have rich extra-curricular programs, which offer students the chance to multiple non-academic activities from social service to leadership opportunities. 

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