The HAST (Higher Ability Selection Test) program assembled by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) is one of the most competitive exams wherein the students undergo rigorous tests for getting selected to accelerated learning programs. 

About HAST Test

The HAST test is essentially an ability test, which is used by the secondary schools as a benchmark in identification of academically gifted students. The test has been designed in a unique manner to assess both intrinsic inherent abilities and academic potential of the candidates. It is unlike the curriculum-based tests that specifically tests only what the student has been able to memorise.

Purpose of HAST

The HAST Test is essentially designed to identify academically gifted students who would benefit from the intellectually challenging and enhanced learning  educational programs like Selective High Schools. Also some schools use the HAST scores as a placement criteria in High Performing & Gifted Education Programs.

HAST Test structure

The extensive HAST tests is nearly a mandate at all secondary level schools, which includes the first level entry. 

The different levels of HAST Test are available at: 

  • Junior Secondary HAST Test for Year 7 students seeking entry to Year 8
  • Middle Secondary HAST TEST for Year 8 & Year 9 students seeking entry to Years 9 & 10
  • Senior Secondary HAST Test for Year 10 & Year 11 students seeking entry to Years 11 & 12

The HAST Test is a paper based, multiple choice question (MCQ) test consisting of the following components:

  • Mathematical Reasoning: 25 multiple choice questions in 30 minutes

In this section the mathematical abilities are put to test where logical and strategic thinking must be applied.

  • Reading Comprehension:  25 multiple choice questions in 30 minutes

The students’ capacity to understand and interpret ideas through language is put to test.

  • Abstract Reasoning: 30 multiple choice questions in 30 minutes

This section tests the student’s reasoning skills in recognising relationships and perceiving ideas at an abstract level.

  • Writing: 30 minutes for a writing task

The students’ capacity to express their thoughts and ideas in the most exciting way through a visual stimulus is put to test.

Preparation of HAST Test

Being an extremely competitive test, the HAST requires sincere and dedicated preparation to score well. The parents are often concerned about the correct skill development patterns and techniques. 

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