Have you been lately hearing a lot about the OC Test? Or are you in two minds whether your child should appear in OC or not. Before deciding on any of these it is very important to have a clear idea of what OC Test actually means. So here’s a short know-how of the OC Test.

What is the OC Test?

The OC (Opportunity Class) Test is essentially a highly competitive entrance test taken by students of Year 4 for securing a place in the Opportunity Classes across 77 government-aided primary schools in NSW(New South Wales).

What are Opportunity Classes?

The Opportunity Classes is a 2-year (Year 5 & Year 6) academic enrichment program for academically gifted students. This program offers the students of higher academic ability an intellectually challenging and innovative learning environment by grouping them with students of similar abilities. 

The main idea behind these classes is that, when young learners are grouped with peers of similar learning capacities and are constantly challenged intellectually with appropriate educational materials and teaching methods they learn better.

Opportunity Test Structure

Generally the test is conducted in the month of July every year at a specified date across multiple designated test centres. The test outcome is notified to the parents by October. 

The OC Test is a paper based, multiple choice question (MCQ) test, consisting of three components namely:

  • Reading: 25 items, 30 minutes

In the reading section the texts chosen for the test covers a variety of genres like- fiction, non-fiction, poetry, articles, magazines, and even reports. 

  • Mathematical Reasoning: 35 items, 40 minutes

Here, it is aimed to test a student’s capacity to solve mathematical problems from the entire primary school curriculum.

  • Thinking Skills: 30 items, 30 minutes

In this section of the test their critical thinking, reasoning and analytical skills are put to test. The questions asked are not curriculum based.

Preparation for OC Test

For students of Year 4, sitting in a formal entrance test can be pretty intimidating. As parents it is our duty to ensure that the students are comfortable and well-informed about the entire process. Being a pretty competitive test it is likely that the aspiring candidates practise and prepare well from way ahead.

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