Is your kid gearing up for the OC test? Then this blog might be helpful for you. Before starting our discussion on this topic, let us be very frank with you.

The opportunity class test is a highly competitive examination designed for students in years 5 and 6.

Children who are given this offer are considered to have excellent academic excellence. However, even the most talented student can go wrong at times, considering the difficulty level of the exam and the time constraints. Therefore, it is important to know the mistakes and prepare your kid accordingly for the test. Let’s now throw light on the factors which could lead to silly mistakes in the exam.

Lack of Understanding of the Topics and the OC test Questions Format

Common mistakes in the OC test arise from a lack of understanding of the question format and the type of questions being asked. This is more common with students who are more into focusing only on the theoretical aspects of the topic. Remember: OC exams are designed to check your child’s thinking and problem-solving ability. Unless the theories are put into perspective, it’s impossible to ace the exam. For example, the question paper will consist of reading comprehension and common number patterns. So, if you don’t know how to read texts and understand numerical patterns well, the questions might confuse your student. To understand the question format and the question types, make your kids practice a lot of OC test papers available online.

Failure to Focus on the Details

To score high in this exam, students need great attention to detail. Understanding the details of the question is important. Or else, this could increase the frequency of errors, affecting the overall scores. Examples such as “do not, likely, most likely, opposite, does”, etc., can completely change the sentence’s meaning and hence the answer. To score high on the OC test, attention to detail is the key. Teach your kids to underline or circle the important words. Allow your kids to try out more and more OC practice tests and help them to draw their attention to the smallest of the details in articles, magazines, and articles.

Low Attention Span

At times, it is not only about failure to focus on the details but also lapses in attention in the middle of the exam. Low attention span can be a big problem because even the most gifted students fail to ace the test. If you think your child has this problem, make sure you find a way to sort this out. During the preparation phase, make them perform concentration exercises, remove visual distractions, practice microlearning, play memory games, etc. Follow the strategies discussed, and if your child can improve their attention span every week, they can easily sit through the whole exam and complete the paper.

Failure to practice time management

Since the test has a strict time frame, often students rush to answer questions to complete the paper on time. Along with improving speed, your kid also needs to practice time management. Completing the answers haphazardly could lead to costly mistakes and scoring below average. The best way is to make them practice OC test papers. These papers have real exam-like questions, so they get to know the difficulty level of the paper in advance. The more they practice, the better. Moreover, these practise papers can also improve stamina and confidence and will let them handle exam pressure easily.

All in all, there’s one solution to all the above problems: OC practice tests! From laying a solid foundation for covering all types of questions, your kid will get to have a holistic preparation. They will be exam-ready and easily overcome common mistakes that would otherwise have happened if they hadn’t appeared for practice tests.