Common Mistakes to Avoid in OC Test

Is your kid gearing up for the OC test? Then this blog might be helpful for you. Before starting our discussion on this topic, let us be very frank with you. The opportunity class test is a highly competitive examination designed for students in years 5 and 6. Children who

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How to Comprehend Different Text Types in OC Test?

Are you taking the OC test soon? Then you must be aware of the difficulty level of this examination. Over the last few years, the reading section has become increasingly challenging, with new added stylistic features and text types to test the student’s comprehension skills. Before you begin the preparation, you must

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5 Strategies to Succeed in OC Test

Preparing for any test at every age can be stressful and challenging for the aspirants. Whether it’s an OC test or a national assessment program, students tend to get overwhelmed and often disoriented as the number of study materials gets too vast.  A clear strategy is essential for preparing for the Opportunity

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OC Test 2021

The Opportunity Class Placement Test or OC Test was postponed due to covid 19. Now the test has been rescheduled to 6th October 2021 (Wednesday). This is to the bigger health and care risks which avoid large groups of outside students socializing with local school students. Mid-September 2021, the parents

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selectivetrial Opportunity Class (OC) Test

All about Opportunity Class (OC) Test

Australia has one of the most organized education systems which suggests public and private school choices and Universities and Colleges for added education. Schooling is alike crosswise all of Australia but there are minor variations between states and regions. schooling (primary and secondary) is essential between the ages of six

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