The Opportunity Class Placement Test or OC Test was postponed due to covid 19. Now the test has been rescheduled to 6th October 2021 (Wednesday). This is to the bigger health and care risks which avoid large groups of outside students socializing with local school students.
Mid-September 2021, the parents will receive their child’s ‘Test authority’ information which will authorize where the child will sit for the test.
Link for current advice for families.
Opportunity Class Placement Test or OC Test modification in 2021 for placement in 2022 is like the new test will consist of thinking skills, mathematical reasoning, and reading comprehension.
These variations are in response to the findings of the 2018 Analysis of Selective Education Access description, commissioned by the NSW Department of Education.
In 2021 the placement test will remain in a paper-based format.
Link for Review of Selective Education Access: Findings and Action Plan.