The Opportunity Class test is also known as the OC test. This exam is taken by Year 4 students for securing a place in academically selective Year 5 OC located in 77 primary schools around NSW.

If you are appearing for the NSW Opportunity Class Test, our comprehensive guide will provide you with the information you need.

What are Opportunity Classes?

OC located in NSW public primary schools caters to Year 5 and Year 6 students who are academically gifted. These specialised classes employ tailored instructional approaches and educational resources that align with the student’s abilities, facilitating an optimal learning environment. By grouping students based on their academic capabilities, these classes provide an opportunity for accelerated growth and development.

Eligibility Criteria for OC Test

Students are generally in Year 4 when they apply and sit for the test. The parents of the student applying for the test should be living in NSW by the start of the school year. Also, they should be an Australian citizen, either New Zealand Citizens or permanent residents of Australia to enrol in an OC.

 What does OC Test Include?

The format of the OC Test has been changed many times in recent times. But the general format is almost the same. It includes-

  • Reading: The reading test contains 25 questions and students will have 30 minutes to complete them. These questions are based on a diverse range of texts. The questions in the reading test are based on different genres, such as poetry, non-fiction, magazine articles, fiction, and reports.
  • Mathematical Reasoning Test- This test has 35 questions. You have 40 minutes to complete the given questions. The paper will have multiple-choice questions. This test assesses the ability of a student to apply mathematical knowledge and understanding, with questions that are drawn from varied mathematical content areas.
  • Thinking Skills Test- This test has 30 questions and you will have 30 minutes to complete the test. The test contains multiple-choice questions. It assesses the ability of the student in problem-solving and critical thinking. There are a range of questions in the test.

How to Apply for OC?

Year 4 parents have to submit an application for Year 5 placement and have their child sit for the placement test.

For 2024, the OC Placement Test is going to be held on 23rd July 2023. Parents can select up to two school choices. The first choice is taken as the first preference in this case.

When Do You have to Apply for OC?

The exact date of application varies from one year to the year. Generally, the applications open towards the end of the first term. So, make sure that you regularly check the application process of OC to make sure that you do not miss out on important dates.

Bottom Line

It may be overwhelming to prepare for the OC test but structured test preparation is important to crack the OC Test. The key to your success in the OC Test is to update yourself and keep practising. 

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