Is your child a gifted schooler? Does he/she seem uninterested or bored in attending mainstream school? But if you are from NSW, you are in luck. That’s because you have the option to enroll your kid in an OC class. 

After the course, students sit for an OC test. Throughout the course, students are challenged by different academic models and structures. 

Here’s why OC Test is important for your gifted child. 

  • Gives Motivation to Learn
    Gifted children tend to feel lonely because, by the time they are in Year 4, their results have been at the top for the last few years. Even though it’s a proud moment for the parents, gifted children can lose their motivation to work hard if they aren’t challenged.

But OC Class will give your kids the chance to study along with kids with similar abilities. Hence, it gives them the motivation to learn. 

  • Curriculum Benefits
    In a regular classroom, kids with different types of abilities can study together. It poses many challenges for gifted and talented students. But if they are not able to grasp what is being taught, they can easily become irritable and disengaged.

OC tests offer an environment, which is suitable for academically talented students. Teaches with proper experience and expertise teach these gifted children. 

  • Studying with Like-Minded Peers
    Studies show that gifted students have specific abilities and interests that aren’t generally shared by their friends in a regular school. What’s unfortunate is these students get bullied in the playground. So, they feel lonely since they fail to make any friends. If a child goes to an OC class, they will be surrounded by friends who share similar interests. These friends share the same hobbies. This, in turn, helps in building social skills.