The Selective High School Placement Test is a gateway to enter into Government academically renowned High School. This test enables the students as well as parents to review their performances in many areas. 

Managing Your Time During Selective High School Placement Test

It usually includes four sections for determining students’ reading, mathematical reasoning, thinking skills, and writing. 

Though the test took place in paper format these years, it is expected to be in online format soon in the coming years.

As a multiple-choice timed exam, the Selective High School Placement Test seems quite difficult for the students who are a little poor in time management than others. Not managing time during the exam is the most common reason for underperforming in this test. 

If you are a concerned parent looking to improve your child’s time management skills to make them perform well in the upcoming selective test, this post will help you for sure.

The main purpose of a selective test is to determine every student’s capability of processing information within a set limit of time. 

The students might come across some questions that they have never seen before. Some questions are too lengthy to read and understand within such a limited time, but it is where the trick lies. 

The examiners want to know how well a student can use different concepts to pay attention to solving interrelated problems by filtering unnecessary information. 

This is why many students make silly mistakes due to loss of focus and the constant pressure of time running out.

Tip 1

Students often invest time on one question, which affects the thought process and confidence. 

As a result, they solve the following few questions hurriedly and make mistakes. Our tip is that you should never take more than 90 seconds on a question if you find it challenging to solve. 

Instead, use the elimination method to move to the next question.

Tip 2

Sometimes, the students get tempted to solve all questions correctly, which is almost impossible. 

They try to do it at the expense of time, which is a big mistake. You should never do that and understand the reason behind it. You can take longer than 60 seconds on a question but make sure you balance it by taking less than 60 seconds on the other questions, especially in Thinking skills.

Tip 3

Almost all students have a common problem: looking at the watch or timer continuously and wasting time in this action. 

Of course, you should look at the clock or timer quite often to evaluate your time management but never be obsessed with it. During the selective test, you should look at the watch or timer after every 10 minutes and not more than that.

Tip 4

It is another common issue for the students to have no time for the last five questions. Even if they know the answers, they cannot solve them as time gets over. So, our suggestion would be to spend only 2-3 seconds while filling in the bubble because you won’t get an extra mark for neatly filling the bubble. 

Also, try to solve the easy questions within 20 seconds. This will surely help you to get time for solving the entire paper.

In the selective test, there are four subjects in total. The first three subjects are 40, 35 minutes long, and the fourth one is 20 minutes long. 

The sections are Reading Comprehension, Mathematics and Thinking Skills, and Writing. 

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