Is your child taking preparation for the selective test and struggling with the selective thinking skills segment? 

Well, this article will surely boost your child’s confidence as we explain seven ways to prepare for the selective thinking skills test easily at home. 

So, without any further delay, let’s begin with the first way.

7 Ways to Prepare for the Selective Thinking Skills Test

#1 Know What the Test Contains

Before starting the preparation, this is the first thing that every aspirant needs to know. Having a clear idea of what’s included and what’s not is extremely crucial to shaping the candidate’s mind. 

It’s common for some students to prepare haphazardly and forget to learn the topics at first. In case you don’t know, the thinking skills segment contains four elements: logical reasoning, mathematical reasoning, logical deductions and non-verbal reasoning.

#2 Learn Time Management

For this type of competitive test, time management is quite important. If an aspirant is not good at time management, it’s almost impossible to attempt the entire selective test

The best way to manage the time is by dividing the total time into the different sections and then the sections into the number of questions.

#3 Follow Sample Test Papers

You can get sample test papers for selective practice tests and let your child solve them. Regular practice of test papers can strengthen the knowledge of the thinking skills section to a great extent.

#4 Watch Tutorial Videos

There are online tutorial videos available on various platforms including youtube that your child can watch for better preparation. While some videos are for free, you may have to pay charges to watch the others.

#5 Sit for Mock Tests

Institutes and tutorials that provide guidance on competitive tests like selective and OC also arrange mock tests for children. Mocks tests can really help the aspirants in enhancing speed and confidence for such tests.

#6 Practice Hard

Now that your child has understood how to take preparations, there can be no alternative to practice. You can allot specific hours in a day for the preparation of this test so that it becomes a discipline for your child.

#7 Use Strategies

You can also get your child enrolled to an online tuition where the teachers will also share some useful strategies such as time management, solving tricky questions etc. 

Taking tuitions for such competitive tests will be quite helpful for your child.

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7 Ways to Prepare for the Selective Thinking Skills Test Infographic

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