Selective tests, as well as OC tests, have become increasingly difficult and challenging over the past few years. New text types and stylistic features have been added to complicate things. So, if you are planning to appear for any of these exams, know that the reading section is one of the difficult parts. But don’t worry!  This blog will give you all the tips and tricks to ace this exam.

Foolproof Ways to Prepare for Reading Skills in Selective Test

Though opportunity class sample tests and selective practice papers help a lot in preparation, you need to keep a few other things in mind.

  • Know what is coming your way – Before you prepare for the selective test, it’s essential to ascertain the test format and know what the paper comprises. To complete this section, you must demonstrate strong analyzing and evaluation skills. Reading comprehension will not suffice if you do not know how to evaluate them. You have to master different writing styles, so prepare accordingly.
  • Master the skills of argumentative reading – Reading comprehension demands you to know the art of building an argument. This type of learning can be done in the editorial section of a newspaper. If you do not read newspapers, it’s time you should do that. Go through the editorial articles because there’s no other way to ace argumentative writing.
  • Learn the art of creative reading – Another way to ace the OC and selective test exam is to improve in reading creative skills. So, how can you prepare yourself for solving this type of question? Read as much fiction as possible. This particular section will need you to flex your mind muscles. However, if you do not like reading books, then fiction-based movies can also help a lot.
  • Read comprehensions carefully – Most of the time, students get low marks due to their inability to read comprehension. Practice is the key to acing this part. No matter how much you practice, there can still be chances where you get a comprehension wrong. This is where you can seek selective test tutoring to clear your doubts.
  • Practice cloze passages – This is one of the important aspects of the reading section. This empirical test will check your capacity to find the missing word by comprehending a passage. One of the best trick is to practice trial papers as much as possible.

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  • Practice time management – If you want to ace this competitive test, you must practice time management. Without this, it’s impossible to cover this section and the whole paper. Incomplete paper is another reason why students score low marks. Practice tests are the best way to manage time. These tests are simulated exams, so you get the vibe of a real exam.

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Are You Looking for the Best Practice Papers?

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