How To Prepare For NAPLAN Test 2022 Online

The NAPLAN test 2022 is scheduled online in May, so there isn’t much time left for preparation.

However, your child can still ace the exam if they follow the guidelines below within this limited timeline.

 Since the National Assessment Program-

Literacy and Numeracy are all about analyzing every student’s reading, writing, and numeric skills, there’s no specific subject or syllabus to prepare and follow. For this reason, many students wonder precisely how they should prepare to do well in the test. No worries, as we will provide some simple tips that your child can follow.

How To Prepare For NAPLAN 2022 Online

#1 How to Improve Reading

This test analyses students’ literacy proficiency. Hence, to make your child able to read and comprehend texts, it is important to encourage the practice of reading texts at home. The test difficulty increases from year 3 to years 5, 7, and 9.

Hence, if your child is studying in the 5th grade, they need advanced learning than the 3rd grade. Newspaper and storybook reading can accelerate both reading and writing skills.

#2 Tips to Improve Writing

Students in Australian schools are taught 3 types of writing styles: informative writing, imaginative writing, and persuasive writing.

However, the NAPLAN test only assesses the first and third styles. Hence, to do well in the NAPLAN writing test, your child needs to practice informative and persuasive writing styles equally. Also, a good grasp of vocabulary can be an added advantage.

#3 Language Conventions

Knowing the correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation is a significant part of a child’s literacy proficiency. Hence, the NAPLAN Language Conventions test assesses the same through a structured format. Regular practice of grammar, spelling, and punctuation for at least one hour can help your child improve quickly.

#4 Numeracy Test

This test contains two segments: constructed response and multiple choice. The primary purpose of this test is to assess the students’ mathematical skills such as numeric understanding, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

Your child needs to practice maths for at least one to two hours daily to improve these skills. Online math games can also help your child develop an interest in mathematics, but that should be limited to a one-hour maximum. 

#5 Online Proficiency

Since the NAPLAN test 2022 is going to be held online, your child needs to be well equipped with a device, a good internet connection, a pair of headphones, a timer, numeracy tools, and other required tools. Learning keyboard shortcuts and a good command over the desktop or laptop is also required. For students with disability, there are extensive videos available online on NAPLAN’s official website on accessibility.

#6 Online Coaching for NAPLAN

Online coaching centres offer preparation courses to help students prepare for NAPLAN and other selective tests. Once your child has prepared for the NAPLAN test, it’s always better to take part in mock tests conducted by online coaching institutes. The revision strategies will develop further as your child learns how to approach the exam.

#7 Boost the Love for Learning

Fostering a lover for learning is essential before a student starts preparing for an exam. Since NAPLAN is a test that assesses a child’s collective knowledge, it reflects the overall understanding in school. It can be tough to perform well in NAPLAN and other tests without good study habits.

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How To Prepare For NAPLAN Test 2022 Online

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