The NAPLAN test for 2022 has reached a new milestone because students have appeared for the exam online for the first time. This will bring new benefits to teachers and students. Since 2012, much research and planning have been done to change this exam into an online mode. The NAPLAN online test uses a tailored test design that provides students with questions that suit their achievement level. For example, if a student gets an answer wrong, the child will follow a different pathway of questions matching their acquaintance levels. The tailored test allows students to demonstrate their knowledge and also keeps up with their engagement levels. Through this test, schools get in-depth insights into students’ performance.

The best thing about NAPLAN online is that it will also be accessible to disabled students. ACARA has introduced new alternative adjustments for students with hearing, visual, and motor disabilities. For example, candidates who may need braille can sit for the paper tests.

Benefits of Tailored Naplan Online Exams

The transition of the Naplan test to online mode has brought significant benefits, which are as follows:

  • Accurate measurement of students’ performance
  • Questions as per student’s achievement levels
  • Greater student differentiation by asking different kinds of questions
  • Enhanced student engagement and lower levels of discouragement
  • Lower complexity as questions are tailored to their performance
  • Reduced anxiety
  • A wide range of curriculum areas can be tested

From the above discussion, it’s clear how tailored tests can be beneficial. Now, coming to the main discussion, if NAPLAN online test is worth it or not, we have the answers for you.

NAPLAN Test Online – Is it a Worthwhile Tool for Assessing Student’s Performance?

Honestly speaking, there’s a mixed response from school faculty and students. However, David De Carvalho, the chief executive of ACARA, said that adaptive testing would improve engagement and better ability to record results. These results can be used by schools to evaluate results in a better manner. He added, “NAPLAN is not supposed to be something that students feel under pressure to study for, but it’s really important we have this valuable data.” This new test system will give a better picture of each school and will also draw a comparison between the performance of advantaged and disadvantaged students. Despite such wonderful amendments, some schools and teachers feel that the exam should be scrapped. Some parents feel that the data obtained from the test is used for ranking schools and not for evaluating students’ performance, while some feel it is a sheer waste of time and energy.

How Can Students Prepare for NAPLAN online?

Students can participate in Naplan online practice tests which are available on the internet. These tests will be like a practice run for candidates and will familiarize them with the online test format and the process. Moreover, students can check their own capacity and it will give them real exam vibes. The more you practice, the better will be the outcome.