Before we discuss how to prepare for humanities in the ACER Style test, it’s important to know what the section is all about. The Humanities section basically comprises comprehension and interpretation. Questions are generally related to visual and written materials. Questions may be drawn from subjects like geography, art, history, English, and social studies. Though you are familiar with the subjects, the questions asked will not be from the curriculum that you’ve learned in your school. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are required to clear this section. Candidates have to apply their logical thinking to solve different kinds of texts, such as poetry, cartoons, fictional and non-fictional texts, diagrams, and maps. You will be given 40-45 MCQs with four alternative answer choices marked as A, B, C, and D. To become familiar with the question paper and learn the right strategies for answering them correctly, you need to try ACER practice tests which are simulated exams designed to make you exam ready.

General Preparation Tips for Humanities in ACER Test

ACER is a competitive exam requiring practice and hard work to answer all the units successfully. Since questions are asked from outside the curricula, students appearing for the test need to obey some of the tips to ace this section. In this context, let’s give you some of the best tips and tricks to clear the humanities section of the ACER test.

  • Do your preparations seriously – The questions asked in the ACER test are usually based on subjects like history, geography, English, etc. The subject matter is known to you, but the questions asked demand logical thinking and reasoning. Therefore, your base should be strong. Remember: if your groundwork is unclear, you won’t be able to apply that knowledge while answering your questions. So, ensure you have done good preparations to keep your groundwork strong.
  • Timing is important – Before you sit for this exam, keep in mind that you will be required to answer all the units within a certain time frame. Watching the clock tick down the minutes during the exam makes you anxious, which can cause silly mistakes in the exam. This is where ACER practice tests can help you a lot. These mock tests not only give insights into the question paper but also helps you in time management.
  • Practice more questions – For exams like ACER, guesswork would mean a waste of time and a high probability of getting the answer wrong. Therefore, a lot of practice is required. Check out the online materials and try to give as many mock tests as possible. The more you solve questions close to real exams, the better will be the chances of getting your answers correct. That’s because you will realize that you have answered a similar question previously.

These are some of the best tips you can follow before your exams to stay calm and stress-free. Besides practicing question banks for the ACER test, you must also work on your basics. It will be difficult to answer these questions without a strong understanding of the basic concepts.  The exam is not difficult if you follow the best exam practices. Follow these useful exam tips and ace the exam like a pro!