Lately hearing a lot about the Selective School Test from your acquaintances? Also, some of you might be in two minds about where and how to guide your child for the approaching Selective School Test?
So to do away with all your doubts and apprehensions here’s all that you need to know about the Selective School Test and the Selective School Test practice.

What is the Selective School Test?

The Selective School Test or the Selective High School Placement Test is a specially designed highly competitive test for entry to Year 7 in the Selective High Schools across NSW

This test is devised to challenge the candidate’s critical, analytical, logical and mathematical problem solving skills. Which ensures that the successful candidates have the capacity to perform and excel in the academically challenging learning environment at the higher schooling level. 

Selective School Test Format & Structure

As you already know that it is a specially designed and highly competitive test, the candidates are tested to display a range of  specific skills. The areas tested are- Reading, Mathematical Reasoning, Thinking Skills and Writing. 

The test structure is as follows:

Reading4030Multiple choice25%
Mathematical Reasoning4035Multiple choice25%
Thinking Skills4040Multiple choice35%
Writing301Open response15%

The Selective School Test 2024 for Year 7 entry is scheduled on 9th May, 2024. Also, this will be conducted in a pen-paper based format.

How to prepare for the Selective School Test ?

Selective School Test

Did you know? 

To secure a place in the desired Selective High School the applicants have to fulfil or rather achieve the minimum entry requirements. 

Thus, to ensure your child’s selection a highly focused and guided preparation with Selective School Test practice sets is the key to success.

So here’s how the Selective School Test practice sets will help you prepare better.

  • Start early preparation- 

As they say, preparing early always increases your chances of success. Likewise for your child’s Selective School Test preparation make sure to begin with the prep way ahead. This will give the child a headstart and more time to prepare better with the Selective School Test practice sets.

  • Improve the areas of concern- 

The more you practise, the better you learn. Yes, that’s very much applicable in your child’s preparation process for the Selective School Test. Solving multiple Selective School Test practice sets will help in identification of the candidate’s comparatively weaker sections. Henceforth, the child can focus more on the areas of concern and improve them before they write the real test.

  •  Know the test format and structure- 

Well, this factor might not seem very significant from a parent’s point of view. But experts are of the view that when a candidate is thorough about the format and structure of the test, half the battle is already won! This is because the students on the day of the test will already know what to expect next and what to do. Thereby, they will be more confident about themselves.

  • Learn time management-

Your child might be very well prepared for the test. But not being able to complete it on time will surely make all that hard work go to waste. Thus, it is very important that the candidates along with their preparation for the test learn to manage their time efficiently during the test. Taking the timed Selective School Test practice sets throughout the preparation process will help them manage their time better. Also complete each test section within the given time.

One can say that taking the Selective School practice tests, is the most important factor that helps the candidates in acing the Selective School Test. When a child takes multiple Selective School Test practice sets throughout the preparation process the child improves his/her speed and critical thinking abilities significantly. These tests when taken under ‘exam-like conditions’ the child’s confidence gets a boost and decision making skills get faster.

So what’s the wait for? 

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