As parents of young students it is really important that you give your child the best education. Because education is the foundation for the future of our children. If we aren’t able to provide the best for them, it’s a lifetime regret. 

As parents in Australia nearly all of us are well aware about the Opportunity Class Test and the Opportunity Classes. If your child is able to secure a place in the Opportunity Classes it will certainly ensure a bright future in the long run. But securing a place in the highly competitive Opportunity Class test isn’t easy. Focussed and dedicated preparation is the only key to success. 

So here’s a few tips that will aid your child to prepare better for the Opportunity Class Test.

5 useful tips on Opportunity Class Test preparation

  • Know the test and its format

It is absolutely important that you and your child know each and every detail about the Opportunity Class Test. Having detailed information about the test, its structure, pattern, type of questions to be asked, areas to be tested helps the students prepare better. Also gives them the confidence to sit for the test without any anxiety or confusion. 

  • Identify strengths & Weaknesses

Along with having clarity about the exam it is also important that the students with the help of their parents identify their academic strengths and weaknesses. This will allow them to practise more on their areas of concern.

  • Develop Reading & Vocabulary

If you are successfully able to inculcate the reading habit in your child it is a lifetime boon. Students with good reading habits are able to understand, analyse and comprehend language better. Also it improves their vocabulary.

  • Ensure strong academic fundamentals

The Opportunity Class Tests are conducted for Year 5 or year 6 entries. Thus, preparing your child ahead by concentrating on their fundamental academic concepts will really prove helpful. This can help your child to score well as this test focuses on a child’s core fundamental concepts of academics.

  • Solve practice test papers

Last but certainly not the least, solving practice test papers, appearing for mock tests is really important. This prepares the child according to the time and pattern of the actual Opportunity Class Test.

Ensuring the best preparation for your child is your utmost responsibility. Following these tips above along with Selectivetrial’s Opportunity Class Test subscription plan will surely make a difference in your child’s performance. Give your child a chance to prepare with Australia’s leading learning platform Selectivetrial. 

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