Selective School Test is super competitive. So, it is always a good idea to have a timeframe of when and how you should start to prepare your child to sit one of the tests. 

Below is the general guidance based on experience for how and when your child should start to prepare or study for competitive exams. But each child is different and so the preparation guide should be as per each child. 

  1. Decide if your kid is a good candidate for the exam. 
  2. Work on your writing in both Creative and Argumentative Writing and get on the reading program. 
  3. 3-6 months prior to the examination, focus on the practice questions with a proper strategy. 

Where to Start?

After you plan to get ready for the Selective School Test, you need to know where to start. 

  • Know the Selective School Test Format

NSW students are going to sit for a renewed version of the Selective High School Test. You can find out more from the Department of Education Site. If the authorities make any changes, they will be updated on the website. 

  • Identify Weaknesses and Strengths

You need to have clarity about the elements of the examination. Check out past reports, talking with teachers, and assessing will help in identifying the area you should focus on. All skills should be practiced and assessed. 

  • Get Extra Help

The new tests aim at restricting the effect of a robotic coaching style. However, it can help if you seek help from tutors or teachers to form a strategy for long-term preparation. So, look for someone who can help you learn.

Don’t forget to develop a reading program for expanding your vocab. Strategically read passages with questions in mind.