ACER and AAS are two leading scholarship tests that are meant to assess students based on their educational merit. Both these scholarship tests are designed to encourage constant learning among students.

But in this blog, we are going to list the difference between ACER & AAS scholarship tests:

ACER Scholarship Tests

ACER produces test papers for several selection programs and schools. 

Currently, the scholarship is for different exams available in Australia. Also, they run a cooperative scholarship testing program. But the test is separate for a student who seeks to get a scholarship from different schools. 

ACER sets an exam for application to different schools and the outcome of the test is shared between schools. A student gets chosen by preference and sits the examination at the first preference school. Although a common date is set for the exam, schools, if they want, can set an alternative testing date.

AAS Scholarship Test

AAS Scholarship Test is funded by the Australian Government for providing higher education opportunities to people from developing countries to study in Australia to build knowledge and skills to drive change as the next generation of global leaders.

The tests are suitable for all students entering Year 3 to Year 11, particular to the needs of a school. These tests are customised higher-order items for distinguishing students of higher ability. AAS uses secure multiple forms for avoiding any practice advantage and outcomes are reported in normative terms and scholarship rankings.
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