There might be very few parents out there residing in Australia who are not aware of the Opportunity Classes in NSW. But for those who don’t know, here is what it is.

What is the Opportunity Class?

It is a specially designed 2 year education program for the academically gifted students. This program provides a highly accelerated and challenging learning environment for the young gifted learners throughout Year 5 and Year 6 across 77 schools in NSW. 

How to secure a place in the Opportunity Class?

To secure a place in one of the 77 schools of NSW with the Opportunity Class program the students have to sit for the OC Placement Test conducted every year. This has been mindfully designed and created to select a handful of gifted students for the Opportunity Classes. Thus, students who wish to get selected in the OC Placement Test in 2024 must really prepare the right way.

Cracking the OC Placement Test of 2024 might not be a cakewalk for all, but prepping with the right guidance might just make a big difference. 

Tips to crack the OC Placement Test in 2024

OC Scholarship Test 2024

As the Opportunity Classes are a prestigious and specially designed education program, the OC Placement Test each year gets highly competitive. From all the students taking the test only four students get the chance to secure a place in the Opportunity Classes. 

Thereby it is recommended to start preparing early while keeping in mind the following to crack the OC Placement Test of 2024.

  •  A wholesome understanding of the test to be taken

It is very important that the candidate understands and knows everything about the test that he/she is about to sit for. They should be well aware about the content, structure, format, question pattern and time duration of the test. Knowing everything about the test is always an added advantage during the real test.

  • Building a strong foundation of the basics 

To answer the questions from all the three sections of the test, the child needs a very good foundation of the basics- Language and Numeracy. Strengthening the foundational pillars of basic education will help the candidate tackle each question asked with ease. Instead of  rote learning or memorising facts, learning to comprehend, analyse and apply the fundamental skills will allow the candidates to answer questions with varying levels of difficulty in each section.

  • Time management

Yes, that’s right the key to answer all the questions in the three different sections is Time management. Practising under timed conditions like the real test will make sure that they answer all questions asked. On average they have practice to answer each question in less than a minute. Also questions unanswered can be dealt with after answering all the remaining questions at the end.

  • Solving Practice Tests under timed conditions

In this case practice is the only key to success. Taking timed practice tests like the real test is a most trusted way to perfect the preparation. These tests sharpen your child’s critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills. Moreover, they also bring out the areas of concern, which can be worked upon accordingly.

  • Keeping your calm

On the day of the real test, it is extremely necessary to keep your calm. Tensed nerves may hamper your reasoning and thinking skills at the time of taking the test. Thus, the key is to stay composed, confident and calm. This will help you think, reason, analyse and solve all the questions as required.

Trust in yourself, the hard work done and the rigorous practice under expert guidance will surely work wonders to excel in the OC Placement Test in 2024. 

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