Do you plan to take the HAST test? You need sincerity and dedication to pass the test. In this article, we will discuss the key points of the HAST test. 

An Overview
HAST is an ability test that has been created to identify students who are academically gifted for facilitating their participation in improving and accelerating learning programs. The test is available for-

  • Junior Secondary
  • Middle Secondary
  • Senior Secondary

The choice of test level is going to be determined based on the current level year of the candidate at the time of the examination and not by the age of the candidate. 

Examination Format
The test has an extensive range of contexts and has 4 sections in the following chronological order. 

  • Mathematical Reasoning
    It is the first section of the HAST Test and contains MCQs, which have to complete within 40 minutes. The section assesses the ability of the student to interpret mathematical details. In this section, the subject areas are space, time, measurement, logical relations, etc. While the science area has questions on geography, geology, physics, astronomy, and more.
  • Reading Comprehension
    The test will evaluate the ability of students to interpret various text types of extracts, articles, fiction, biographies, poems, drama, fiction, etc. It is one of the most challenging sections of the HAST test. You have to answer all questions in just 45 minutes. Hence, you will need strong preparation to crack it.
  • Abstract Reasoning
    You have to complete the MCQs within half an hour. All questions are on non-verbal reasoning. The section is difficult to prepare as you will not get these questions in the textbooks to prepare. For this, you need to perceive the ideas at an abstract level.
  • Written Expression
    It is a part with sub-categories-
  • Creative Task
  • Discursive Task

You have twenty-five minutes to complete the whole section. As the questions are tweaked each year, you might be asked to write on creative, as well as discursive tasks or you might be asked to write just one.  Your marks depend on organization and structure, content and thought, mechanics, expression, and style.