If you are preparing for Year 7 NAPLAN, you have to prepare well. These tests are based on the school’s curriculum and test the skills of students. It is an annual test that’s organised in schools apart from the standard term exams and other activities.

Many students are going to appear for Year 7 NAPLAN 2023. Often, students are nervous and end up with poor scores.

In case you are one of them, you can take a look at the steps given here to score better.

1. Don’t Take Pressure

Students should not take too much pressure. Both parents and students appearing for the exams should feel that it is just another test.

In case students feel pressured to get the best grades, they might end up doing badly in their exams. Nevertheless, if the students are made to feel that these are just tests, they can get good grades.

2. Stay Calm

A calm mind will let students concentrate and score better. Moreover, it will clear their mind and help them remember what they have already studied. In fact, even the concepts that are difficult can be easily remembered.

If students master the art to stay calm during the time of exams, they can surely perform better.

3. Take Practice Tests

One of the primary issues with students appearing for NAPLAN has a different flow of questions and patterns than regular term patterns. This is the reason students tend to become nervous and mess up.  For avoiding this, students can take the practice tests that they will come across online.

4. Use Time Better

Timing is important. Nevertheless, students should know how to use time. It helps them understand that they shouldn’t hurry. If they hurry, they can go wrong with the answers. 

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