Is your child planning to appear for the ACER Test? Well, then as a parent you should be having a fairly good idea about what the test is. So here’s a detailed layout of what the ACER Test actually is.

About the ACER Test

The ACER scholarship Test is a series of academic aptitude tests conducted in schools across Australia to identify students with promising academic abilities for awarding them scholarships. The ACER Test is conducted every year by- The Australian Council for Educational Research, and aspiring students get entry into Years 4,5, or 6 and 7 to 12.
In this test the aspiring candidates are required to demonstrate basic literary skills like- interpretation, reflection, critical thinking, analytical and deducing skills. Moreover, the ACER Test is not based on the curriculum, and does not test ability to recollect acquired knowledge.

The ACER Test structure

The ACER scholarship Test is broadly divided into two categories- Primary Level Tests (entry to Years 4,5, or 6) and Secondary Level Tests (entry to Years 7-12, Levels 1,2, & 3).

  • Primary Level Tests (entry to Years 4,5, & 6)

Test 1- Reading and Viewing ,25 multiple choice questions, 30 minutes

Test 2- Mathematics, 20 multiple choice questions, 30 minutes

Test 3-  Writing, 2 extended response of 20 minutes each, 40 minutes

  • Secondary Level Tests (entry to Years 7-12)

Test 1- Written Expression, extended response, 25minutes

Test 2- Humanities- comprehension and interpretation, multiple choice questions, 40 minutes

Test 3- Mathematics, multiple choice questions, 40 minutes

Test 4- Written Expression, extended response, 25 minutes

Benefits of appearing in ACER Test

  • Identifies students with promising academic capabilities, who are eligible of being granted a scholarship
  • Finely differentiates the results of the top performing students
  • Students go through extensive testing through specifically designed high quality test items
  • Sophisticated skill-based tests that identifies promising performances
  • Being selected for an ACER scholarship Test allows students entry to top private schools at a fraction of the normal cost

Preparation for ACER Test

In this test the students specifically need to showcase their critical cognitive skills like- interpret, deduce, analyse, comprehend and reflect. Thus there’s no space for cramming or rote learning. The best way to prepare for the ACER Test is through dedicated regular practice. Selectivetrial’s sample test papers and practice sets for the ACER Test stimulates all the critical thinking abilities of the students. Also, instil confidence in the students by familiarising them with updated test patterns and sample questions. Surely, Selectivetrial  ACER Test preparation platform for both primary and secondary level tests.
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