What is Edutest?

Edutest is one of the three organisational bodies in Australia bestowed with the power to administer and write Selective Entries and Scholarship Tests.  It is essentially an independent company who have been conducting and organising entrance and scholarship tests for private schools across Australia.

Experts mindfully design these tests to measure student’s achievements and abilities in an array of academic fields. Through the specially designed tests schools are able to identify students with higher academic potential. They  also locate eligible students in need of academic opportunities or financial assistance. 

Who can apply for Edutest?

It is open for students who are presently in a year below than the desired entry year into applicable Selective Schools. 

All Selective Schools have their own result transfer process so it is advised to read all special conditions on the Selective School’s registration page and only then apply for Edutest registration for the chosen Selective School. 

Selective Entry High Schools (NSW & Vic) with Edutest result transfer for Year 8 to Year 11 entry

The list of schools are:

  • Baulkham Hills High School (NSW)
  • North Sydney Girls High School (NSW)
  • North Sydney Boys High School (NSW)
  • Sydney Girls High School (NSW) 
  • James Ruse Agricultural High School (NSW)
  • Nossal High School (Vic)
  • Suzanne Cory High School (Vic)
  • The Mac.Robertson Girls High School (Vic)
  • Melbourne High School (Vic) 

Edutest format for Selective Entry High Schools

For the Edutest based exam the students are essentially tested into two broad categories, namely- Ability and Achievement Tests. Each category is further subdivided into multiple sections, summing up to five. The applying students will have to sit to sit for the entire five-part assessment test.

The outline of the test structure is as follows:

Test TypeTest SectionTime AllottedNo. of Questions (approx.)Question Type
Ability TestVerbal Reasoning30 minutes60Multiple Choice
Ability TestNumerical Reasoning30 minutes50Multiple Choice
Achievement TestReading Comprehension30 minutes50Multiple Choice
Achievement TestMathematics30 minutes60Multiple Choice
Achievement TestWritten Expression35 minutes + (5 mins planning time) 2Open response


The Test Types

  • The Ability Tests: Comprising the Verbal and the Numerical reasoning sections it is designed to be able to measure the candidate’s abilities to reason, analyse, think and problem solving without essentially applying previously acquired knowledge.
  • Verbal Reasoning:Assesses abilities to reason and think by using language, vocabulary, classification, word relationships and deduction.
  • Numerical Reasoning: Assesses abilities to reason and think by using numbers, series, arithmetical reasoning, matrices and deduction.
  • The Achievement Tests: Consisting of the Reading Comprehension, Mathematics & Written Expression sections these are formulated to be capable of measuring performances in the basic academic areas using the student’s already acquired academic knowledge.
  • Reading Comprehension: Assesses the ability to read, comprehend and interpret from given passages. As well as complete, punctuate and grammatically correct sentences. 
  • Mathematics: Assesses year appropriate knowledge in mathematics using numerical, algebra, measurement, data and space concepts.
  • Written Expression: Assesses the capacity to creatively think and clearly convey ideas in written format. Things like spelling, grammar, sentence constructions, vocabulary in relevance to the given prompts are looked into. 

Preparation tips for getting into Selective Entry High Schools (Year 8-11) through Edutest

Getting into a Selective Entry High School is not an easy job especially if one is opting for Year 8 to Year 11 entry. The competition gets extremely cut throat and spots available are very few. But choosing to do it through Edutest is certainly helpful. 

So here’s some preparation tips that certainly help you score better and improve your chances of getting into a Selective Entry High School.

  • A good understanding of the test format, question types and each test section content
  • Identification of areas of concerns by taking practice tests and working towards improving them
  • Allocating enough time to all the five test sections for practice and review
  • Taking timed practice tests to improve time management skills 
  • Enhance your preparation with Edutest-styled practice tests that will your boost your confidence 

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