What is Edutest?

Edutest provides scholarship and entrance exams to schools across Australia. These tests are specially drafted by experts to assess a student’s academic abilities and potential. They are used by schools to identify high achieving students who may be eligible for scholarships or entry into accelerated learning opportunities like the NSW Selective Schools.

Let’s understand Edutest better,

  • Purpose: measures a student’s abilities for scholarships and Selective Schools
  • Who Uses It: several schools across Australia
  • Test Format: varies depending on the scholarship type or accelerated learning program
  • Benefits: helps students gain scholarships and entry into such competitive learning programs.

How is Edutest helpful for NSW Selective School Year 9 & Year 10 entry?

The NSW Selective Schools Placement Test is the only official test used for Year 7 entry to the NSW Selective Schools. As of now, there is no single centralised test for entry into Years 8-12.

However, some NSW Selective Schools may use the Higher Ability Selection Test (HAST) or the Edutest for applicants in Years 9 and 10. Those students considering applying for the NSW Selective Schools, the EduTest is certainly an important hurdle. 

Here’s how Edutest could be helpful for NSW Selective School Year 9 and 10 entry:

  • Edutest practice: If the schools you’re targeting use the Edutest, Edutest’s practice tests can help the students familiarise with the format, question types, and time constraints of the actual test.
  • General test-taking skills: Edutest practice tests can help develop general test-taking skills like time management, critical thinking, and reading comprehension, which are beneficial for any academic assessment.

NSW Selective Schools Edutest preparation tips

Acing the Edutest can be a breeze with the right preparation strategy. Nothing can override the potential of a great focused preparation plan. So here are some tips to help you perform better in the Years 9 and 10:

Planning and Organization:

  • Craft a Study Plan: Create a schedule allocating study time for each subject based on the EduTest syllabus. So that no topic is left neglected. 
  • Regular Reviews:Simply cramming in information isn’t helpful in the long run. Regular review sessions throughout the study period helps to solidify concepts better.
  • Time Management: The EduTest is timed, so practice managing your time during practice tests. This will help students stay calm and focused during the actual exam.

Sharpening Your Skills:

  • Identify Strengths & Weaknesses: Identify topics grasped easily and those that need more work. Focus efforts on solidifying weaker areas.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Practice with past Edutest papers and practice tests from the EduTest website or other resources. Analyse, know and learn from the previous mistakes.
  • Master the Format: Get familiarised with the EduTest format, question types, and marking scheme. This will increase answering efficiency.

Taking the Test:

  • Positive Mindset: Believe in yourself! A positive attitude goes a long way in reducing test anxiety.
  • Read Carefully: Don’t rush! Read each question thoroughly before jumping to conclusions.
  • Strategic Answering: Use the elimination process to lessen answer choices. Come back to the unanswered questions later.
  • Double-Check: Before submitting your answers, take a few minutes to review your work for any careless mistakes.

By following these NSW Selective Schools Edutest preparation tips along with focussed effort and needful guidance from Selectivetrial candidates will surely be successful. 

For further detailed information click here Edutest Pactice Test .